Mavrick Savvy Is Brilliant In New Video "Paradice"

A "Maverick" is characterized as an unconventional or free disapproved of individual; "Savy" is a thing that infers quickness and useful information. By definition, Mavrick Savvy possesses all the necessary qualities. Conceived in Texas and raised in different urban areas from East to West Coast, Mavrick has seen a considerable amount of affliction. Not one to surrender, his aphorism turned out to “live it up". From court cases and imprisonment at a youthful age to dangerous and at-last ground breaking circumstances, Mavrick's rhymes are as brilliant as the sun. His tunes are loaded up with enthusiasm and a realness that is exceptional to notice. Combined with his rough voice, he makes a coo

Meet Chicago's Very Own Hunnid & His Latest Track "Buss That"

His flair for free styling no uncertainty had a considerable measure to do with his common capability to compose lyrical verses after verses, which once even prompted a piece being distributed while he was just 10 years of age. Hunnid took in the vibe of having a strong hard working attitude ever since he was still young, by perceiving how hard his mom attempted to raise him. His grandma introduced him to the world of music as an art. It bodes well that those deep established qualities and encounters are the ones that helped shape the impressive nearness that Hunnid exuberates on stage or in the booth every time he is performing, and in addition his hard set out toward business. Hunnid pledg

Bridge City Cypher Introduces Dope Spitters: Kid Indigo, Rc $pitta, Astral OG, Gabriel Baker

This cypher changes things bringing rap and flow versatility to a whole new plateau and a definitely must have in your playlist. The trap instrumentals were made with carefully laid down piano keys and the booming bass which makes the whole tune lively. “Really killing instrumentals, all the shit you spitting is pitiful”. Indigo comes in hard with a hook that leaves you doing your dance and jamming hard. “Andale Andale we do not care what others say, we do when we get it go grind today” Kid indigo is masterful in coming in through with the pre-hook, hook and a hot verse. How they turn take on the beat makes you wonder why they do not have the global fame they deserve. However, they are surel

Sage the Gemini Recruits Chris Brown For New Single "Buss It"

Chris Brown lends a helping hand to Sage the Gemini on his latest club banger "Buss It". Brown brings the sultry vibes to this seductive anthem while adding a twist to Usher's “You Make Me Wanna…” lyrics. You make me wanna leave the one I'm with / So girl, leave that bum you with (yeah, yeah) / Baby, know I'ma fuck up the game / Girl, just wind it on me (ooh) Sage makes it clear from the get-go that he wants this girl to "buss it wide open." Buss it, buss it wide open wide open / Now quit playin' with a n***a (yeah, yeah) / Ooh, buss it, buss it wide open, wide open / Now quit playin' with a n***a (yeah, yeah) / Buss it wide open The Bay Area rapper is getting ready to release his new album

Who Is LSG Jass From Detroit Michigan?

LSG Jass From Detroit Michigan, is an upcoming female rapper in the underground rap scene. Her latest single “Play At Your Own Risk” is rapidly growing in views and streams. The video is directed by C Crawford and depicts Detroits culture and hype for cars. The track is filled with colorful lyrics and an un-average flow that fits this new artist perfectly. LSG Jass is currently working on her EP also entitled “Play At Your Own Risk” which will arrive later this fall. If you haven’t heard of this artist before it best that you get abroad now because soon she could be popping up on interviews and billboards everywhere. Check out “Play At Your Own Risk” below:

Pass That Wiz Khalifa, Roll Up A Juicy J: Jon 0h! Creates Anthem For Stoners

Jon 0h’s “Lil Higher” is truly a trip, on various levels one wouldn’t first expect. Firstly, it’s a trip to downtown NYC, led by Jon’s apparent love of marijuana and intense drive for spirituality. Secondly, it’s a trip guided by a slow, but heavy trap beat, complimented by Jon’s simplistic but sweet lyrical flow.  The chill, psychedelic vibe relayed by the track is intense, empowered by the lowkey jazz undertones and serves as a perfect contrast to the heavy trap nature of the song. Jon 0h shows heavy potential, not only with tracks like “Lil higher”, where he shows off his lyrical genius by referencing weed culture in mainstream rap with lines like “Pass that Wiz Khalifa, I’m bout to roll

Sleeper Vibes: Summer Walker

(*sighs*) Honestly, I am tired of stumbling upon good music while randomly scrolling on YouTube. It makes me feel like I am incompetent of securing hidden gems. Anyway, I recently discovered a young lady with a beautiful voice who goes by the name of Summer Walker. The very first song I heard was Girls Need Love. Although not common, this song made me want to dig deeper - and I was NOT disappointed. Sailing over to her Soundcloud turned out for the best! Summer Walker is another perfect example of an artist that can create sounds of the new wave, while contributing to the authentic sounds of R&B (I sound like a broken record but, not every artist can do both.) She gives all the feels that yo

Artist on the Rise: JNYR

Michael Francis, better known as 'JNYR', is the latest act to emerge from Toronto's burgeoning R&B scene. Born and raised in Toronto's east-end (Scarborough to be exact), the singer/songwriter began writing music at the age of 12, and has been inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Montell Jordan, and Usher. His passion for songwriting and creating music led him into the music industry, while showing off his musical skills through memorable melodies with a modern R&B sound. He released his debut single "Twenty Ten" last year, and since then has followed up with “No Matter Where” and “Great Sensation”, a reggae-influenced track showcasing his Jamaican-Caribbean roots and his smooth vocals.

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