TAOG “Interlude”

TAOG is back at the top of the year with his new track “Interlude” and living as TAOG sounds like a whole lot of fun. Hotels at the W and unlimited amounts of kush, how could you not be satisfied? "Interlude" is sure to be featured on TAOG’s project following later on in the year. For now stream “Interlude” and keep up with all things TAOG via Instagram @taog242

“NBDY” Drops Visuals To Single “Admissions”

Arista Records recently relaunched their label and one of the first artist to join their roster is crooner “NBDY.” His first single released under the label is entitled “Admissions” which leaves the artist reminiscing over a past love that left him heartbroken. The lyrics start off with a luring first line “Admission number one I hope you get cheated on, I know I’m wrong but I tell the truth, Hope you feel what I felt with you, Bet that shit catch up to you.” We asked “NBDY” to fill us in on his latest single and here’s what he had to say: “The song came from a place in my past that crippled me for so long. It was my first heartbreak. I wanted to take the listener back to that moment explici

Jahdell "Lost It"

Rapper Jahdell is having a few relationship issues and it shows in his latest single "Lost It." Throughout the song Jahdell is reflecting on his past mistakes. He takes us back to a time where he cheated on his significant other, which ultimately leaves him lost. In the visual it depicts text messages between him and another woman, which his girl finds out about. The messages proved that he planned to meet up with a chick, rather than working with Soulja Boy as he told his girl. Jah is stuck reminiscing about old times when he discovers a pregnancy test reading positive. You can guess what happens next or click the link below for "Lost It" official video:

Money Malow “Changing The Paint”

Money Malow is a Brooklyn New York native who just released the visuals to his latest single “Changing The Paint.” While most assume the song is about changing the exterior paint on his car, the music comes with a deeper meaning, translating to Malow reflecting on his life and making changes to himself for a better outcome. “I was caught up in the street life as early as the 5th grade and as I got older, things began to catch up with me. I did what I had to do to make money and provide for my family but I also wanted more out of life. After high school and attending a junior college, I was accepted into Delaware State University. Due to my choices, I ended up not finishing school because of

Stream TAOG’s “JunglePope” Project

TAOG is an independent artist who recently dropped his album “JunglePope.” Within a month of the projects release it was able to garner over 100k streams. The LP consists of 8 songs total and has a run time of 20min. Although the project may seem short, it has a variety of different sounds from artist TAOG and shows his musical creativity.”Bottle Cap” the first single on TAOG’s album has an upbeat tempo and draws you right into the project. The energy behind the track combined with a catchy composed chorus, is just what’s needed for listeners to pry a little further into the music. Stream “JunglePope” here now:

Fast Cash Boyz "New York Nights" Official Video

Memphis rap group Fast Cash Boyz recently visited "The Big Apple" New York City, using that as influence for their latest video "New York Nights". The group displays their new found love for the city, while showing previews of their experience in a new environment. "They knew we were coming so make sure the bag is right." The single is catchy and not only that, but FBC checked in with brand "Mass Appeal" which is a big deal considering they are one of the fastest up and coming online publications for music. Check out their latest video "New York Nights" here:

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