Test "Push Start"

Test is an upcoming artist from Future's Free Band Gang and he's been quickly gaining traction in the music world. Test has a pretty unique flow and his new single "Push Start" definitely bangs. The FBG rapper dropped a visual to go with his latest track, depicting him zoned in at the studio and wilding on top of big body suburbans. I have a strong feeling he's just getting his feet wet with his music. Check out his latest song "Push Start" here:

"Oh No" Jay Gwuapo Ft CalBoy This Weeks Weekend Jam

The summer is quickly approaching and we're going to need a lot of playlist for all the festivities taking place. As I was putting together my third edition of "More Music For Ya Aux" I came across artist Jay Gwuapo who definitely caught my attention with his single "Oh No". The song features up and coming rapper "CalBoy" and is a great feature follow up to his song "Envy". This single is what we would certainly call a summer time bop. The track is filled with nice melodies that counteract the deep bass of the 808's. Check out the single here:

Ray Moon Releases "Shy" Visuals

I came across Ray Moon the artist about six months ago when she dropped her single I'm Sorry, since i've been keeping up with the music and now the singer has released her visuals to single "Shy". The video starts off with Ray inside of a Bowling alley where she spots a guy who's being picked on by colleagues. Shortly after a beautiful girl walks in and walks right up to the guy who was once being ridiculed, "there's a lane open would you like to bowl?" Ray instantly pushes him up to do so. Essentially the song is about one being shy and scared to open up and be receptive to love, because of others actions causing them to be more withdrawn. Throughout the jam you can hear Ray Moon reassuring

Artist Discovery "E$P Nique"

It's been a minute since i've found an artist that I felt has a great vibe with the music, but during the late hours of last night I came across a couple of dope rappers who re-inspired me to get back to the writing. Artist E$P Nique is one of them and he is currently on a slick come up after dropping his latest project "Aquarian." The 15 song album features samples from some of the past's greatest hits. Hailing out of the far side of the peach state (Georgia) , E$P Nique has been gaining momentum and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Some of the records I personally connected with the most from this project was "No Pressure, Soul Cry and Permanent Change." Throughout the album

Vory "Say" EP Out Now

Lately it's been hard for me to find quality artist with quality music, but at midnight I came across an extraordinary writer and artist by the name of Vory. Come to find out its an artist I follow on Instagram, though I've never listened to any of his material. While putting together my 16th edition of R&Blunts, I was plundering through apple music when I ran across the song ”Stay”. After about 17 seconds of play time you begin to hear the melodies that instantly takes you under. The song starts off with: ”Said you gon' hit me after the club Baby, lie again (Why you lie?) Tryna kill my vibe, baby, try again (Keep on trying) I drunk text Angelica from A of D Pouring out my heart and in

Artist Mylek Graham's Portrait Vans Are A Huge Fashion Trend

Artist Mylek Graham from the DMV metropolitan area, has some serious artistic skills when it comes to his portrait Vans. I came across the young artist one day on Instagram and the design of his sharpie colored Vans caught my eye immediately. At 26, Mylek has turned his talent into a full on hustle, from portraits of Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Tupac and even the late Nipsey Hussle, his Vans are selling out!! I got a chance to ask Mylek who his inspiration was behind his artistry and he instantly replied "my mother". Mylek's mother is actually a professional graphic artist and he was influenced by her skills when he was young. Mylek said that he had always drawn things for fun, but began liking

Jjuan Releases His EP "GUAPSZN"

I've been following Jjuan pronounced (Jay-Juan) for a while now and his music has definitely seen some major success despite the fact that he's an upcoming artist. Jjuan's music has been featured in Issa Rae's hit television show "Insecure" and he was also featured and stamped by one of the industry's biggest media moguls Karen Civil. Jjuan has a very unique approach to his music and many have connected with that sound, instantly falling in love with it. A contemporary mix between R&B and Hip-Hop Jjuan embodies the lane he is creating for himself. "GuapSzn" is every season. The project represents the definition of "hard work pays off" and the results of artist dedication. Jjuan teams up with

SpaceX’s Dragon Accident May Stop NASA’s Plans To Launch Astronauts From US Soil

An explosion took place this past Saturday April 20th, at the landing zone 1 in Florida of SpaceX’s test base. The SpaceX “Dragon Super Draco Static Fire Test” was an ultimate flop resulting in a destroyed test version of SpaceX’s “Crew Dragon Spacecraft”. The incident has caused NASA and SpaceX to both assess the anomaly that occurred and release a statement via Twitter. Jim Bridenstine NASA’s administrator had this to say: "This is why we test. We will learn, make the necessary adjustments and safely move forward with our Commercial Crew Program." On March 2nd Space X launched a successful test run of the Dragon Crew Spacecraft, which ended up going to the international space station and

Artist “Ayoub” Releases 4 Song Project Entitled “Identity”

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about any new music artist lately, but early this morning I discovered an artist by the name of “Ayoub” and I instantly connected with his sound. Not knowing much about him I begin to do a little research and find that he’s actually French Montana’s younger brother. Ayoub’s 4 song project entitled “Identity” has a runtime of 8 minuets, which concludes to be very short, but the volume of work is pretty solid. As an independent artist Ayoub has been able to garner a pretty nice fan base. I’m sure with the help of his older brother French Montana this is only the beginning for the young rapper. Check out his EP “Identity” here:

Lil Uzi Vert Lands Big Week On Billboard Charts With “Sanguine Paradise” & "That's A Ra

Lil Uzi Vert has earned a big week in streams with both of his recent singles hitting the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. “Sanguine Paradise” and “That’s A Rack” have both hit the charts coming in at numbers 28 and 76. This is pretty surprising considering there was no major push or promotion behind the singles, but both still ended up charting. Lil Uzi has been battling his label on releasing new music for some time now, but it seems as though Don Cannon and DJ Drama refuse to let the rapper release anything. Back in 2015 Uzi inked a deal with “Generation Now” a partnership label under Atlantic Records, which is ran by both Don Cannon and Dj Drama. At first things were going smoothly, Uzi was abl

#NewArtistAlert Dr.Bentz Is Risin' Up To The Occasion

Dr.Bentz has a very old school way of rhyming. You can tell by his expression that the rapper grew up in the 90's. The party track is on it's way up however the artist may need more development on the side for bars. Either way, the track is a well-mastered and composed track and we're looking to seeing him grow as an artist. The cover art meshes well with the message of the song, Dr. Bentz is a typhoon coming near you.

Renni Rucci "Act Funny" Visuals

Renni Rucci is one of Quality Control's latest signee's hailing from Columbia, South Carolina and she has released her first official single "Act Up" from her forthcoming album, slated to drop this summer. Renni is what we consider to be a self-made artist who has elevated from once dancing, to now touring and putting out music under her new label. For those who aren't hip to Renni before now would be a good time to get on. Check out her latest video "Act Up" below:

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