Hidden Gems: New Jersey's Catapult Chase Fetti

The Garden State artist, who goes by the emcee moniker Chase Fetti, continues his rise towards music stardom. Known for his raw word play and bars, Chase deliverers raw and authentic music which captures ears of fans worldwide. The throne is for the taking in New Jersey, watch as Chase Fetti continues his campaign to claim the chair. Be on the lookout for more from the young artist as he looks to close out the year strong. For now, check out our quick Q/A below about various subjects going on in the artist young career. Where do you see music taking you in the next two years? Into ownership, I think it empowers people to unlock news levels of themselves and that's what I want to do. There i

Stream Young Sixx "Noho Nightz"

Young Sixx is an indie artist native to Inglewood, California. Not only has Sixx had the opportunity to work with some of the west coast’s biggest figures including Nipsey Hussle and Raven Justice, he has also toured with hip-hop stars like Cassidy and Mya. Young Sixx is a seasoned performer who has performed all around the world including places like Dubai, Malaysia, Czech, Poland, Switzerland Australia and even Sudan. Sixx was raised by his grandparents and what set him apart from a lot of other kids his age was the fact his grandparents made sure he got to travel. Sixx began pursuing music early on in High School when he relocated overseas to Germany, and that is where he got his first br

RockBlockBam Crashes Neiman Marcus

Rockblockbam continues to to build up his reputation in music and he shouldn't be taken lightly. Aside from putting out consecutive tracks and quality music, the rapper may just be a marketing genius. Rockblockbam recently teamed up with his favorite store Neiman and Marcus, to do a show promoting his new single "Mission Accomplished". When talking to Rock about pairing with the major clothing distributor, he explained having his show at Neiman's was a major stepping stone for him. His new song "Mission Accomplished" is the perfect vibe for anyday you wake up and you feel like getting to the money. The song has already began to go viral with Rock's followers sending in video's of them jammin

Get To Know Lil Chris From Chicago

Lil Chris is a multi talented producer and artist emerging from the Chicago Metropolitan area, he's found a way to infuse real life stories with ingenious melodies. "It's like your listening to different unique artist on the track but its the same person." His sound has been described as melodic, aggressive and dynamic. Throughout Lil Chris's life he has been around drug dealers and gangsters, being able to lead the streets with a message, opposed to today's trendy songs that rarely ever carry any substance. Lil Chris has worked and performed alongside some of the industries biggest stars like Cardi B, Twista, Lupe Fiasco, Future, Rick Ross, Kodak Black and Yo Gotti. He's released 3 mixtapes

Micky Munday Releases Mixtape Titled "Beautiful Lies"

Many of you may know Micky Munday from the hit franchise Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but he's far more than just a reality star. The rapper recently released his project "Beautiful Lies" Volume 1 and is gearing up to release a second one later this fall. The Muti talented rapper and model is from Los Angeles California, and has worked with some of the industries biggest grammy nominated producers to date like: 808 Mafia, 1500 or nothin, Akon, Mally Mall and Mike Will. Mickey has also had the chance to tour with mainstream artist like Akon and even participated in Young Thugs "Hi Tunes" tour. Mickey's style of rap merges old school rap bars with unique melodies and cadences of today's time. He

Lakeyah Danaee Is Only 18 But Her Skills Exceed Her Age

Lakeyah Danaee is a hidden gem from Milwaukee Wisconsin, who's been able to build herself quite an audience at a young age. The high school rap star has an impressive amount of following, equaling out to roughly 230,000 followers on just instagram alone, but that's only the tip of the iceberg for this talented emcee. Lakeyah caught our eyes recently when she went viral for "JT's FirstDayOut Challenge." The video ended up getting recognition from QCP which happens to be one half of Quality Controls Label owners. In the instagram clip you can hear her hunger for music and the audience was met with a lot of unexpected bars from the young rapper. Social media went crazy, but there were a few who

Lil Karma Releases Visuals For Iphone X Single

Lil Karma continues to push himself and his music as many independent artist should, partnering with "No Jumper" to release his latest music video "Iphone X". Lil Karma has successfully fused rock and hip-hop as a cross genre and since has been dubbed music's next biggest rockstar. His video "Iphone X" was shot in Sin City (Las Vegas) and features lots of fun cuts and special effects. Backed by high-octane bass and bouncy vocals "Iphone X" has something every fan of music can gravitate towards. Running up over 18,000 streams in it's first week Lil Karma is finally getting the recognition he's been putting the work in for. Stream his latest video "Iphone X":

Who is Svcript From Bergen County Jersey?

Svcipt is already an interesting name when talking about an artist, but apparently this particular artist is multifaceted in many areas. At 25 Svcript manages artist, models, raps and is the owner of his own clothing brand titled "Always Ahead Merchandise". Here's a little on what Svcript had to say: Life is a game of chess and you always need to be one or two steps ahead of your opponent. It relates to everything in life basically and music is another avenue to connect my message. I feel like my brand "Always Ahead" is a lifestyle that you apply to everyday life. New Music Coming Soon!

Loe Adde Honors Legacy Of His Late Family In “Ahkie”

Maryland based emcee Loe Adde is back from a brief hiatus with a new visual for single “Ahkie.” Coming from the loss of his dear cousin and fellow emcee Baby Ahk, the new video gives a reflective perspective on a single dropped years ago. It’s a chilling but smooth single about loyalty, treating women right, faith in the future, and brotherhood. In this particular song, LOE demonstrates his word play skills while addressing a worth telling message about life trials and decisions that have been made as of recently within the low to middle class society. Shot by west coast videographer Local Boy, the video portrays Loe in a beautiful meadows reciting song lyrics in various positions. Each sho

Check Out The Visuals For Liek Baby's Single "On Me"

Liek Baby is an island boy who represents Orlando Florida to the fullest, having a strong tie with southern roots he is able to embody the raw and uncut natural sound of the south. His recent release "On Me" is dear to him, because it's his first single since his release from the penitentiary. The video reflects on Liek Baby as his own individual and he is delivering it raw, uncut and vulnerably. The scenes for the video were shot in Joshua California, and even features a spiritual guider in the beginning, which seems to have some cultural significance and ties with heritage. Here's a little of what Liek had to say about his single: "I've been in and out of the penitentiary most of my life a

Hiddens Gems: Ayo 215, The Pride Of Philadelphia

Current Philadelphia musician, Ayo 215 has been making waves in the music industry recently. A rising fan base throughout the world, hit single "Bother You" featuring Lil' Baby, and being honored recently in a Puerto Rican Day parade in Philly for his community out reach impacting the youth of the city lives in a positive way; which really signifies the amazing run the artist has been on. However, it was not always easy for Ayo, he been through a lot to be in the position he's at currently. "Losing my dad before I touched the Earth already put me in a position to where I'm the man of the house," he said. He continued with "It made me realize, early in my life, that you got to work hard and p

Hidden Gems: ChellyTheMC, The D.C. Firecracker

With bright red hair, model type appearance, a vibrant personality, radio host voice and a beautiful soul, ChellyTheMC has made waves in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region. However, in the overall music industry, she is one of the hidden gems just waiting to be discovered by the world. Known in the DMV for her popular YouTube channel, massive social media following which spans over 100k on all platforms, hit singles like “Northeast Baby and Just Like Me,” and her signature red hair, Chelly has been a stalwart in the DMV region for a couple of years. Soon, the world will know about Chelly. With flow reminiscent of Queen Latifah and Trina, performance energy which ignites

Kai Ca$h "$kee $lopes" Video Out Now

Kai Ca$h has started a new series entitled #MentalHealthMondays and since has delivered his very first visual "$kee $lopes" a single from his debut EP, Birth In The Borough. The Michael Flynn directed video pays homage to Spike Lee's directing book; capturing Kai riding a bmx bike through his Brooklyn Neighborhood, as he raps and reminisce's about growing up in the area. The video was directed to bring back the old NY nostalgia that everyone fell in love with back in the day. Kai explains why this video is special to him: “$kee $lopes is important to me because it’s my life story condensed into 2 minutes , I was able to touch on so many different chapters and embrace them with this record. T

Who Is NiickTheKiid From South Florida?

NiickTheKiid is a Broward County South Florida native, who like most children was diagnosed with ADD as a kid. For those who don't know what ADD is it stands for Attention Deficit Disorder and it caused Niick trouble focusing in his classes. Growing up he's always had an ear for music, but struggling pushed him to join the united states air force in 2014. When he had enlisted, he was only doing music for a year, but continued to work on his craft throughout his time spent in the air force. Self taught he learned everything he knows about mixing, mastering and recording from youtube university, mentioning the fact he's failed more times than he can remember. In 2018 Niick embraced the fact th

Stream Jaha Tha God EP "A Gift: The Warm Up"

Jaha Tha God has released his EP A Gift: The Warm Up and it's laced with 4 tracks with a run time of 10 minutes. The Duval County native, started doing music two years ago and began taking it seriously just recent. The project features a song entitled "Rock All Night", which happens to be a special track for Jaha Tha God. The official video meant a lot to Jaha because, he was locked up due to a racial situation on the way back from Atlanta Georgia. Jaha explains how his now girlfriend was white and he was targeted. He went on to say after being locked up the girl who at the time wasn't his girlfriend, sat outside the jail for 21/2 days putting money on his books and calling to get him out. A

Jhene Aiko Drops Triggered Remix

Jhene Aiko was gearing up to release her album just a few months back, before we were struck with the tragic death of Nipsey Hussle. After the incident she took to social media where she shared that she decided to push her album back, but since fans haven't heard another word about it. Now we may just be getting a piece of what's to come as she teams up with Summer Walker and 21 Savage for an official remix to her single "Triggered" check out the full version of the song below:

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