Donn Johnson Drops Visual For “Never Enough”

Rapper, Donn Johnson was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in the LBC (known as Long Beach, California). Although his name is Donnie Johnson, he took the stage name “Donn Johnson,” which is his late father’s name. He began writing his own music at an early age and at the age of 25, he decided to take music seriously and pursue it full time. Performing is one of the main aspects he loves about music and at the age of 20, he also began performing at various shows, including opening for other artists. When asked about his goal as an artist, Donn Johnson shared that his primary goal is to create music that contains powerful messages, leaving his fans touched and inspired worldwide. He also wish

Meet New Artist Flakko Rudeboy

Coming out of Motherwell, Port Elizabeth in South Africa, rapper Flakko Rudeboy is one you want to watch out for. His name comes from his slender body type and his over the top rebellious personality that was always getting him in trouble as a kid. From a very young age, Flakko Rudeboy knew that music was his passion. It became even more evident after attending cyphers in his neighborhood and watching his friends freestyle battle each other, which inspired him to write songs and poetry. And shortly after being introduced to hip-hop legends such as Mobb Deep, Nas, and Cannabis by his uncle, Flakko Rudeboy decided to spend time learning and understanding the art of rap and the culture of hip-h

OneSwayze Releases New EP "FASTLANE"

Following the release of his EP “South Central”, Atlanta-based rapper One Swayze has returned with another anticipated project titled “Fastlane”. Produced by Beat Monkey, "Fastlane" is a 5-track project themed around One Swayze’s oppositions that he faced during his journey in the music industry. One Swayze commands attention by delivering top-tier lyricism, crafting captivating stories and showing the ability to rhyme over virtually any type of instrumental. “This EP represents my growth and being challenged with so many obstacles during my journey as an artist. Fastlane represents reaching the completion stage of a goal that I’ve been grinding my whole life to achieve. This album is the de

Get to Know Kaylon Hallman

Kaylon Hallman does it ALL! This talented artist writes, produces, engineers his own music, and let’s not forget- plays the guitar, bass, and drums! A true Los Angeles native, Kaylon was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has never moved. And, with a one of a kind name like his, he didn’t have to pick a stage name. He found his niche in R&B Soul. Looking up to artists such as Anderson .Paak, Stevie Wonder, Raphael Sadiq, and Ty Dolla $ign, you can see why his style varies between soul, R&B, and hip-hop. Kaylon started to take making music seriously after graduating high school. He saw that there was a need for people in the music industry with his specific sound… and he wasn’t wr

Who Is C.P.?

Although C.P. has yet to collaborate with another artist, he is a force to be reckoned with! Usually we become so focused on and concerned with the beats and catchiness of a song, that we forget the story it’s telling us. As an artist who writes his own lyrics, C.P.’s main goal is that people enjoy the stories he tells with his music. Even though his stage name is the initials of his government name, he also hopes that it can stand for “Captivates People’s perceptions.” With his latest single, “All My Life,” C.P. tells the story of his own life, speaking on moving through life, “a lil too fast.” Topics of the song include his children, custody, and trying to be a man his family is proud of.

Stu R Tillery Drops Visual For "Wreck"

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stu R Tillery’s biggest influences growing up were East coast legends, Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G. He’s worked with artists such as Eness and Privaledge and sees himself expanding to collab with even more artists. He even writes his own music! Most recently, Stu R Tillery dropped a track on all streaming platforms called, “Wreck.” With a very distinct voice, he raps about very real situations happening in the hood. He speaks on his brother passing due to violence, and how now he always stays strapped with his boys. Stu hits us with some killer flows talking about how he doesn’t want to be, “…stuck in the hood just like a mousetrap, scrape my

Pluggworld Just Unleashed New Single “Ain’t It”

Pluggworld, an American rap band Pluggworld, released their highly anticipated single “Ain’t It“, which was fully produced and written by the band. Their hot single was Inspired by the band’s Bad Girl$ Club series and has a Bonnie and Clyde undertone and cool vibes. From powerful yet relatable lyrics to a modern heavy low-end sound and live instruments, “Ain’t It” is definitely a song you’d want to add to your playlist. From Los Angeles, CA, the band, consisting of two members, James “David” Murray and Cameron Morrison, delivers a unique sound and a clear vision – to shift and inspire the culture, leave a lasting imprint, and deliver quality music. This talented duo (which originally include

Peep The Profile: Litty Vuitton Releases ‘Wine For Me Challenge’

Litty Vuitton reminds everyone that she is an unstoppable force with her new single ‘Wine for Me Challenge’ featuring Prince Mazani. Shooting, directing, and editing the music video herself, Litty Vuitton gives fans and new listeners a peek to her Cybertrap side and even provided a few dance moves to use while listening on popular social media app TikTok. With the development of her luxury shade line, Cyberoptics, Litty shows that she is a source of creativity and far from one dimensional. No matter what Litty brings the vibes. Check out Wine For Me Challenge featuring Prince Mazani and Litty Vuitton’s latest videos on YouTube.

Meet “4EverAmin”

Originally from Sacramento and raised in Los Angeles, 4EverAmin began his music career in the late 80’s. Growing up, he was influenced musically by his late brother who would freestyle rap lyrics (just before being murdered). Early in his career, 4EverAmin began performing at schools, small clubs, after parties and various events such as the Mason’s Ball. At the age of 11, he was later signed to Def Jam/Columbia records in 1992, and has recorded with Smitty Out at Cool & Dre’s recording studio in North Miami, FL. Cool & Dre are music producers whom are well known for their work with Terror Squad and the Fat Joe. Recently, 4EverAmin recorded 2 EP’s titled: “Tis Of Thee Vol 1 & 2”. He has been

Trinity Bailey Drops Debut Single “Turn Back”

Singer, songwriter, and actress from Pittsburgh, PA, Trinity Bailey has dropped her debut single “Turn Back” this week. The song is a solo R&B vibe that is already gaining steady traction digitally. Trinity is an Artist on the rise with a voice of an angel whose musical career is just beginning with already collaborating with other artist in the industry. With her fresh sound, and dedication to the craft the 16 year old has a promising career ahead of herself. Her passion for music began at the age of 4 and her musical influences started with her father. As she got older she became heavily influenced by the greats such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Beyoncé. Her goal as an artist i

Upcoming Philadelphia Artist Cash Wheeler Releases Visual For "On My Own"

Philadelphia-bred upcoming artist Cash Wheeler recently released a new music visual to his song "On My Own," a self-tribute to hustling and making ends meet at all costs. Primarily taking place in a auto-repair shop, the visual shows Cash taking a quick break at work, daydreaming off into the lyrics of the song. Cash gets ridiculed by management for zoning out, and the visual eventually transitions into a glow-up moment, capturing Cash quitting his job and walking out of the auto-repair shop. Directed by renowned Philadelphia videographer Marlissa Monay, the new visual convincingly sends a message about following a dream, regardless of what it takes. On My Own is a single on an album that Ca

Who Is Kevin Kent aka Big Joker...

WhoIsKevinKent, born as Kevin Hammonds, is a rapper and comedian, known for his viral success on social media under his online persona “Big Joker”. Originally from Boston, MA, at the age of 14, Kevin discovered a passion for music as a rapper, and at the age 15, he began to write and record his own music. Growing up, he was inspired by many talents including Jay Z, Nas, Tupac Shakur, and Mobb Deep, whom have influenced his creativity and many of his great records. He later moved to Los Angeles, CA to further pursue his music, at which time he also found a passion for acting and comedy. He began creating funny videos and posting content online, which quickly captured the attention of many cel

NoRace NoGender: Patriots of Humanity

NoRace NoGender or NRNG is more than just your typical fashion brand or run-of-the-mill boutique. It's a movement, a vibe, a feeling, a lifestyle, an answer to the injustices of our societal norms. Each handcrafted garment represents the views of those that identify with the fact we are all 99.9% the same. Sure we have different skin tones and sexes and religions that separate us into imperfect boxes, but at the end of the day we all are the same. One of the primary theories behind the movement is once we stop procrastinating and exhale oppression we can achieve that common place of peace. NRNG is more than clothing. It's an shield of honor for patriots of humanity. The bold fonts and color

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