Freakshowtmr Releases New Single “Atmosphere”

Rising emcee Freakshowtmr sets the tension in the “atmosphere” with new self titled single. Setting up his return to music, Freakshowtmr put an immense amount of passion in curating this latest track. “Dealing with COVID-19 over the past month, I had to overcome more adversity asides from making my return to music,” he said. “Before this, it was a lot of proposal turmoil that I had to persevere through to even release this track. Now I’m glad that I can focus on music again.” Setting his sights on dropping more music in the future, he intends to set a good “Atmosphere” with his latest single. It’a available on all streaming platforms.

Champagne Manziel Is Next Up In The Music Game

Champagne Manziel has been making waves in the music industry for over a year now. The stand-out artist established name for himself in his hometown of Santa Ana, California. In 2019, the Orange County native decided he would take on his passion for music, FULL TIME. He quit his job and dropped out of college to begin his journey as an Independent artist. Born in 98, Champagne Manziel shuffled between playing video games, playing sports, and even learned how to play an instrument but nothing fulfilled him like his passion for music. His stage name was given to him by a friend back when he played on the High School basketball team. It was inspired by Drake and Johnny Manziel. The up and comin

Who Is Upcoming Artist T Nelson?

T Nelson is an upcoming artist from Long Island New York, affiliated with Long Island rap group LIMG. T has been around since 2006, but took a hiatus from music in order to rebrand himself and revamp his sound. Beginning in August, T Nelson plans to release 1 single each week leading up to his EP, which is slated to release sometime in the fall. When it comes to his inspiration behind music some of his favorite artist are rappers like Juice World and Lil Uzi Vert. T Nelson makes music for people battling depression, mental health issues or people who have had troubled times, but look to music to break free of those societal stresses. While "Too On" was dropped just a few weeks ago, T is alre

DEF Unleashes Zaytoven Produced "Trap Game SZN" Mixtape

Rapper DEF continues his dominant campaign as a reputable independent artist with the release of his new eight-track Trap Game SZN mixtape. Featuring production from both DEF himself and legendary producer Zaytoven Beats, Trap Game SZN combines the Kentucky-born trapper's Southern drawl and country slang with thunderous 808's and brash concepts. Vibes on the project meander between the bobby nuanced hype on the lead single "Beehive" and the aggressive flexes on "Just Bought A Bitch" and beyond. Trap Game SZN serves as the follow-up to the "Deleted" rapper's 2019 debut album DEF Resurrected, which featured the hit single "Detroit" that garnered nearly 2.5 million views on Worldstarhiphop. The

Frank Vents Out His Feelings In Heart Felt Anthem “Ain’t Mine”

Ascending star emcee and R&B singer from the Bronx Frank releases a smooth new single, which bridges a fine line between emotional lyricism and sultry vocals with "Ain't Mine." Frank uses vivid wordplay accompanied by a softly and elegantly sung hook to curate a narrative about him getting over a woman who is not the best for him. Throughout the single, he vents over, getting over his break up with his ex and recounts their old times. He credits her for turning him into a "heart-breaker," and now he finds peace in womanizing and enjoying parties with his close friends. A copacetic beat embellishes the single out, which gives the single a similar tone to one of his main influences, Drake's fi

Cyrus Dobre Collabs With Tory Lanez to Deliver New Summer Anthem 'Goin' Up'

Just in time for summer, pop/hip hop artist Cyrus Dobre links up with Tory Lanez to deliver "Goin' Up." Written entirely by both Dobre and Lanez, these two artists waste no time showcasing their ability to weave together a new upbeat, catchy summer anthem. The entire song has an island-vibe and uplifting to it, and is definitely a track you will want to add to your playlist this summer. On the song, Dobre demonstrates his versatility as an artist by delivering seamless vocals combined with a melodic beat. This collaboration marks Dobre’s first solo venture, and leaves fans hungry to hear more. The 27-year-old artist, who has a Romanian and Persian background, hopes that his music can inspire

Independent Artist Will Evans EP “The Campaign" Out Now

Formerly incarcerated artist, Will Evans, changes his life around while striving to make a name for himself in the music industry. He categorizes himself under the genre of, “Inspirational, Introspective, and Aspirational Reality Rap.” Will Evans’ style varies due to the fact that he creates music through God, and not necessarily from his mind, directly. While his sounds may vary, you will always know it is Will Evans because of his distinct voice. He not only writes his own music, but records and engineers it himself as well. He also toured the Pacific Northwest with hip-hop group, Shoreline Mafia, in February 2020. Read more about Will Evans below! Why music? Describe your passion. When I

Duece Da God Is Up Next!

Philadelphia artist, Duece Da God, brings the heat with a mix of hip-hop, R&B and pop. His name comes from Wale’s track, “Friends N Strangers,” where Wale says, “Duece!” at the beginning. While this stuck with Duece Da God, his friends started calling him “Da God” because of the talent he had while freestyling, and the name Duece Da God was born. The independent artist built his own fan base off of the energy and positivity he brings with his music. Although he has lived in the East Coast his whole life, Duece Da God gets his hip-hop inspiration from West Coast rappers. His current inspirations are West Coast legends, Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, and Kendrick Lamar for the way their music can be ap

Bobby Fishscale Releases “No 9 to 5” Visual

On Friday, June 12, Roc Nation’s new signee Bobby Fishscale released his official single “No 9 to 5” with a cinematic trap visual. Bobby Fishscale is no ordinary southern rapper, but a trendsetter who uses music as an outlet for him to express his struggles and pain. The music video opens with a scorned lover clutching her cell phone furiously, calling Bobby Fishscale searching for his whereabouts. Bobby not only proved he is too busy for a love who may not understand or align with his financial lifestyle. She shouts “Bobby, you need to stop trappin’ and go get a 9 to 5 job”. Bobby Fishcale acclaims, “I got trap in my blood, got no time for no 9 to 5”. In his new music video for “No 9 to 5”,

Dough the Freshkid Gears Up for Release of Highly Anticipated 'Tal's Cafe' Album

South Central artist Dough the Freshkid is back with more new music on the way. His upcoming album called Tal's Cafe tells the story of triumph and overcoming generational curses. It's dropping on Wednesday, June 10 and fans are eager to hear what he has to say. The new album comes as a follow-up to his 2018 sophomore project Black Rome. In all of his projects including past releases such as Arlington Avenue: The Roaring Sixties, Dough the Freshkid (DTFK) has been able to tell a powerful narrative of hope and grinding through the struggles. His authentic cadence mixed with his smooth delivery is a perfect recipe for success, and positions DTFK to be one of the realest of his time. DTFK has a

Michael Dean Official New Single “TRVP” Featuring Caskey Out Now + New Music On The Way

Orange Countys very own, Dean Michael Martinez better know as Michael Dean Official, known as an independent hip-hop artist who is not your typical rapper. With his hustle, drive and consistency he is definitely next to blow up! He is not only a versatile rapper who can switch up his style but, he is also a talented actor as well. Michael Dean Official admits to struggling with knowing if he should pursue music professionally, but had no doubt that he was passionate about music starting from the young age of 6. His musical influence comes from the legendary artist, Nas which lead him to start writing his own music at 8 years old while listening to Nas’ CDs on replay. Tap into the life of Mic

Cam Carter Is Next To Blow

Independent songwriter and recording Artist Matthew Cameron Carter also known as Cam Carter was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. In 2015 Cam Carter decided to take a leap of faith and move to the City of Dreams to pursue his career in music. He learned that you can be what you want to be if you just keep it real with yourself. The Memphis Artist tells us he considers himself a songwriter first! Although his focus is primarily hip hop that doesn’t stop him from writing whatever he feels in the moment. He reveals, “I like to capture energy and utilize my ghosts and channel it into a story that paints a picture of whatever it is I see. “. Cam Carter says he studied all the greats and alw

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