Independent Artist Bounce Beat Black Talks About The Impact He Is Trying To Make With His Music

Q: What inspired your artist name Bounce Beat Black? And where did you get the name? A: I started out doing music from being in a GoGo band and the bounce beat is a certain style of GoGo music. When I was in the band my nickname was Black so I put it together as Bounce Beat Black to show appreciation for my original GoGo roots. Q: Where are you from originally? And where did you grow up? A: I’m from the DMV area more specifically Landover, Maryland. Q: How would you describe your sound/style? A: My sound is very melodic, a mixture of singing and rapping, and I take a lot from my GoGo band days my music uses a lot of chants and hooks that really resembles that GoGo sound. I don’t think it is

Pottstown, Pennsylvania Artist FSG Rell Is Here To Prove That No Matter What Your Dreams Are You Can

FSG Rell hopes to show all the small-town youngsters that you don’t have to be from a major market to make it! From a young age FSG Rell knew he wanted to become a musician. It all started when he got his hands on an iPod Touch and taught himself how to freestyle over beats from YouTube. Soon after began freestyling at his high school football games in front of crowds and it was then where he began taking the steps to build his music career. “I was about 19 when I started to take it seriously as in alright, I’m going to start to invest in myself.” He explained, “I would pay for studio time and beats even in high school but that’s not investing too much. That’s a start but investing to me was

YungGwop Officially Releases 'Without You' Music Video

YungGwop is back with another music video! This time, the LA-based rapper shares the music video his new song "Without You." The visual was shot in New York City and is the lead song that was released ahead of his upcoming album called Thoughts Left Unexpressed. Watch the video for "Without You" below. YungGwop is no newcomer to the music industry. He's worked as a sound engineer prior to pursuing his career as an independent musician, but he’s now committed to dedicating himself to his passions and is fully dedicated to a music career. When asked about how he would you describe his sound to readers who may not be familiar with him, Gwop answered, "Honestly, I just be myself. I don’t try to

Get To know Independent Artist V.I. The Boss And Watch His New Visual "Rockin And Rolling"

V.I THE BOSS is from Chicago Illinois born and raised. His genre is rap/urban, but he writes all kind of music. His sound is a collective of fast and slow real rap mixed with trap mixed with a little harmony. V.I. is very versatile when it comes to his flow and he plays with different styles. Get to know V.I. The Boss below! Do you write, produce, and engineer your own music? Yes, all of the above I write R&B/Rap and produce pop/R&B/rap pretty much if it has something to do with music I do it I own a recording studio for my personal use so I’m always messing around in the lab Do you have any other special talents such as acting? Yes, I act I as well just finished writing my third movie and I

Interview: Meet Independent Artist Ca$o!

Meet Massachusetts native, Ca$o. His whole life he has been extremely creative whether it is drawing, painting, or playing instruments. The name ca$o gives him room to fully explore my creative abilities. He wants to show people that no matter where you are from and what your circumstances are, as long as you are doing what you love, and you are doing it to the best of your ability you will always win in the end. Read more of Ca$o below! What is YOUR genre? I wouldn’t really say I have one. I make all kinds of music. I just happen to make rap music more than anything else. Do you write, produce, and/or engineer your own music? Yes, I do all of the above. Taught myself everything to cut out t

DMV Trap Rock Innovator Ethan Spalding Is One Of A Kind

Ethan Spalding is the originator of a new music genre, TRAPROCK, which synthesizes his varied music experiences and his approach to life. Ethan’s TRAPROCK “evolution revolution” incorporates big 808’s, heavy guitar riffs, and soul-shattering drums in a full live-band experience. His lyrics reflect his life as a professional in the fitness industry, a devoted family man, a hustler, and the ultimate music artist. Not only can he rap about everything from visiting strip joints to working out to smoking weed to eating healthy, but he can accompany himself on a full range of percussive instruments including the timbales, congas and a full drum set. From writing hooks and melodies to producing

Compton Artist Matik 2T Teases New EP "Unleashed" is ON THE WAY!

Compton artist Matik 2T is ready to WIN! For as long as he could remember all he wanted to do was to make music. Beginning in the 6th grade, he was hooked after he was asked to rap on top of a beat his brother made. Music runs in his family, starting with his brother who is an engineer/producer and his grandfather who played the bass in his grandmother’s church. The independent artist always enjoyed signing/rapping so much it was only natural that he would become a musician. He revealed, “When I was 11, I recorded my first song called my shoes. I passed my cd around my whole school and played it for my teachers it had a lil buzz.” Growing up he recalls having lower self-esteem because of his

Senior Shocks Fans With Second Studio Single "Trust In Me"

Senior is a businessman turned musician! The Canadian artist is on a mission to follow his true passion of making music. From a young age Senior would love to sing with his little brother. However, at the age 16 he began gaining interest in business and became an entrepreneur. Senior owns many businesses in Canada and around the world so he’s always on the go. The independent artist knew he was up to something after he teased a track on his social media that received positive feedback. It was in that moment that Senior knew he would begin his music career. The independent artist hopes to share his stories and life experiences to connect people together. He revealed, “I love the connection it

Thug Lucciano Drops New Visual To "All Night"

Thug Lucciano is an artist with a story to tell—a real story. A street story. But the rapper from Wichita, Kansas recognizes he needs even bigger stages and platforms to tell it. Lucciano earned more than 1.7 million views on World Star Hip Hop and had the hands of DJ Drama on his “Gangsta Grillz: All or Nothing” mixtape project. He has also collaborated with DJ Bigga Rankin, Rizzo Rizzo, Bobby Valentino, Lil Keke and Philthy Rich. Find out about the artist who caught the attention of legendary record breaker DJ Bigga Rankin. Q: What inspired your artist name? And where did you get the name from? A: Thug is my street name. Lucciano is my favorite mobster. Q: Where are you from? A: I was born

JR Nash Releases Debut Album "Beneath The Surface"

Up and Coming artist, JR Nash believes there is no right or wrong when it comes to music! He admires the freedom he has to express his thoughts and creativity through his lyrics. JR Nash typically uses his life experiences as the foundation for each of his songs. Whether its his own personal experience or someone else’s he tries to always build a connection between himself and his audience so that they feel as if they are going through the things that are being spoken about on the song. JR Nash was known for being the “quiet kid” growing up. However, he began freestyling over beats and making music for fun when he was 13 years old. By the time he got to high school he was making music with s

Ghostwriter LA teases new music on the way!

European Artist Ghostwriter LA hopes to make music that leaves a positive impact. The RnB and Hip-Hop Songwriter/Producer was raised in Sweden but moved to the United States in 2003 as a foreign exchange student. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he lived in many cities before settling down in Los Angeles. Most people know Ghostwriter LA from working on writing screenplays but he received his name after being a well-known ghostwriter! However, his passion for RnB and Hip-Hop music began when he was a teenager. In the 90’s he produced rap and hip-hop tracks that were featured on the radio in Sweden. The first track he ever produced was titled “Soul Lo” with his rap group ILLTRAKKERZ. Aft

New Orleans Artist 9Bird 2k Drops New Music! "The Celebration" OUT NOW!

Up-and-coming artist, 9Bird 2k is a hip-hop/R&B artist that likes to keep his fans on their toes. The New Orleans Native is known for his unique and diverse sound that never stays the same. His willingness to evolve and be a multidimensional artist that puts out music for all age groups and demographics is what separates him from other artists/songwriters. His goal is to be a positive impact in the music community and to make timeless tracks that will be played nonstop! 9Bird 2k says music has always been his escape from reality. Growing up he recalls enjoying poetry and always loved the idea of being able to create and own something. 9Bird 2k describes poetry as being able to paint a pictur

Arlin Musane Drops His Merch Line as a Follow Up After Releasing His First EP, Tales From Da Musane!

Arlin Musane is the next hip-hop independent artist out of Los Angeles, CA truly rapping about his real life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly, from love to heart an outlet to express his emotions. During an interview he explained how he recalls living in a toxic household which led him going to the streets for therapy. Growing up as a child he would always sing and dance but it wasn’t until he was 19 years old when he decided to take music more seriously however, his peers and teachers always saw something special in Arlin Musane and knew he would go far. Get to know more about Arlin Musane below - What inspired your artist name? And where did you get the name? So my rea

Charlene Amour Is Doing More Than Music She Is Empowering Women

The beautiful and talented, Charlene Amour, is on a mission to bring love and vulnerability back in style. On he latest IG post she showed love to several women who she feels are strong independent women! Her name, Charlene Amour comes from being inspired by love. The R&B artist believes love is always the answer, and tries to live and breathe that proclamation every single day. Her sound is a breath of fresh air, and can be described as soft and gentle, but with a full range of dynamics. The Canadian artist writes all of her own lyrics, which includes heartfelt words that will touch your soul. Charlene Amour draws her lyrical inspiration from hidden feelings. She explains, “I run away from

XION MCKNIGHT Releases Highly-Anticipated Single 'PEACE'

XION MCKNIGHT is an up and coming artist who definitely brings something new to the table. As someone with the talent to rap and sing and crossover between R&B and hip hop, Xion puts out music that can relate to anyone. His sound is distinct and versatile -- which sets him apart from others in a major way. Not only is Xion ambitious to succeed, but he has plans to take his career to the next level and give back to the people that inspired him. He wants his music to inspire others and to help people realize that manifestation is real. "I want to influence kids who are just like me," he said. "I want the message to be clear that no matter what you go through or who’s against you ... with the r

Rising Philadelphia Artist RiZ Releases New "Bad Lil Vibe" Visual

(Philadelphia, PA) -- Rising West Philadelphia, PA native RiZ releases a new visual for "Bad Lil Vibe," a single release that follows up his prior single released called "Know Ya Type." Even in the middle of a pandemic, RiZ made sure to deliver new content for his audience, and put effort into the message as well. Bad Lil Vibe has an easy-played storyline to follow. Matching the chorus, RiZ serenades all of his "Bad Lil Vibes" in different scenes. RiZ has been working non-stop to strengthen his brand iKonBy25, share his creativity and spread his artistry, influentially. Bad Lil Vibe is a visual example of the handwork RiZ has continuously put in throughout the years. To stream Bad Lil Vibe,

TMB CashBoii Wants The World To Know Who He Is!

TMB CashBoii was born and raised in Fresno but currently resides in Las Vegas. He moved to get a fresh start and more recognition. His music is a mixture of a vibe that some could feel when it’s time to turn up or if they want to relax. Along with being a good choreographer, he likes to freestyle when he’s in the booth. Following his release from prison, TMB CashBoii recorded his first song the first day he got out and it became a passion of his ever since. When asked, who his biggest motivation is, TMB CashBoii explained, “My mother is who inspires me struggling to take care of us as a kid after my father pasted just made me want to go get it more and more so I had this strive for greatness

Dough the Freshkid Drops New Music Video for "Everybody"

South Central's Dough the Freshkid is back with more heat. The independent rapper just released the music video for his track "Everybody," featuring 1 Shot Dealz which appears on his most recent album Tal's Cafe. The powerful visuals shows Dough the Freshkid (DTFK) walking through his hood and rapping about how it seems like "everybody crips" these days. The video, which was directed by High Top Bully, is a high-energy track that addresses fake gang bangers and how DTFK believes there are several rappers who are claiming hoods they know nothing about. "I made this song because everybody’s favorite rapper, everybody on Instagram, everybody across the world is now a Crip or Blood and never bee

DZ Creeps Through The City In "Peep" Video

Baltimore rapper DZ has shared the visual for his menacing new banger "Peep" Slated for his upcoming Gutz & Glory EP, the video for "Peep" expands on the hype DZ says inspired the project. "The EP title, Gutz & Glory, comes from what I think you need if you’re going to be an artist and entertainer. The way I see it is, you gotta have the ‘Guts,’ or stomach, for this sh*t." DZ said in a press release. "For me, I feel I gotta come out on top. Only the warriors with steel guts do." As DZ floats from location to location, the distorted visuals mesh with his confidently nuanced lyrics in a reeling manner as he raps,"Peep, though/I ain’t comin’ at all if I ain’t comin’ lethal/Put my heart on ice c

THOUXANBANFAUNI Recounts Past Trauma In "Deja Vu" Video

THOUXANBANFAUNI continues the campaign for his new album CLAIRVOYANCE with the time traveling visual for "Deja Vu." Capturing the rapper in what appears to be a futuristic therapy session, the video for "Deja Vu" further depicts the retrospective hindsight the project embodies. CLAIRVOYANCE marks the first solo project from THOUXANBANFAUNI since 2018, and was largely motivated by his personal battles with overcoming his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Watch the full video for "Deja Vu" below.

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