WHO GOT NEXT? KR1K: Artist To Watch

KR1K is a college football athlete turned recording artist, hailing from Mobile, Alabama. The rapper hustled his way from the deep south, to Los Angeles where he began to find his sound and identity within the music. Once landing in LA, he began working with two grammy winning engineers Ken Deranteriasian and Brian Chilro. The two continued to inspire him, while simultaneously helping him mold his craft.

Now the 28 year old rapper is making a buzz on the internet, and we see why, his new track "Roger That" is what we like to call a trap banger. The songs run time is 2:57 and provides a nice sense of confidence and motivation, enough to make you get up and go get it. When it comes to music that supports a hard grind KR1K is a go to artist.


"I went to sleep feeling good thank the lord I got a check/

I woke up the next morning yawnin thumbin through the sh*ts/"

Stream- Roger That:

Check out more material by KR1K: Video "F*ck It"


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