Last Chantz – “Go Insane” Video Review

"Go Insane” is a video where Last Chantz kicks in the door in the rap game by establishing himself as a one-of a-kind artist with an energetic flow and a fierce stance. Shot by J. Watson and directed by Chris Henry, the track was released for "Unknown Wealth”.

It opens up with a Black Queen while Chantz does a bit of refined flexin’ to show off his work that has already brought in some dividends. He’s already got fan wear which is an agile move by someone coming in fresh in the game with an attitude. He spits “They try to label me crazy maybe I am”, which sounds like he’s figured out that he can’t stick to the “norm” and pay too much attention to what people tell him or think of him.

He’s walking his own path and speaks on his dreams, which he’s obviously chasing. With punchlines like “Cookin up, James Harden, I’m going hard cause I’m starvin'". This MC is coming up, his skills and charisma aside - you can feel he and his team are on their grind 24/7. “Yeah, hold up, I got your ***** in a cup, they wanna ride the wave and be in the picture they see that you up, they think I play for Milwaukee cause I’ll be doing is hittin’ them bucks” is a line that sticks out as most memorable both by the wordplay and the effortless way Chantz drops it.

IG: @_unknwnwealth

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