St. Wave Drops A Dope EP For Our Generation

The title track on St. Wave’s Troposphere EP is where he gives us a glimpse of what’s to come from thing up and comer, where the flow makes a chilled out, trippy beat turn into a tough, energetic combo. The track opens with a flute sample which ends up being chopped and mixed with a dope female vocal for a second, while the beat transposes throughout the song. For a young mc, he knows where to put his words and where not to. The words themselves describe a reality where if you stand out, your person battles are often misunderstood. It serves as a good reminder for some who are easy to judge without walking a mile in someone’s shoes. The glamour and glitz aren’t all they’re pumped up to be and can exhaust someone who can see beyond them, and pose a challenge where an artist has to dig deep down to come up with an answer.