Stream Cashus Lou "Enough" Track

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Cashus Lou is familiar with Hollywood and it's celebrity scene, but its not everyday that you get the daughter of Michael Jackson sharing your music via instagram. That's exactly what happened to this 19 year old west coast rapper, which quickly lead to him gaining exposure for his music. His latest single "Enough" has a distinctive sound to it and is definitely what we call the new wave. Cashus writes, records and engineers all of his own music from start to finish. We got a chance to ask Cashsus who his musical influences are and this is what he had to say:

Instagram Handle: @cashuslou

Cashus; "Some of the artist that influence me most are people like Young Thug, Travis Scott and Kanye West, they just have such a unique approach to music and I think they are the masters of creating their own wave and sound."

Check out Cashus track "Enough" below:

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