Who Is Qu'ality? Hip-Hop Basement Artist To Watch

Qu'ality is an emerging artist from New York who has been creating his own buzz through social media. As you may know Soundcloud, Youtube and Instagram are playing big roles in artist careers now and days. Social media has given artist full creative control over their material and serves as a direct marketing tatic, between the artist and their consumers. Qu'ality knows this all to well and has a pretty dope and unique sense of marketing. When I first saw the rapper it was an estranged video of him sitting in a laundry cart rapping in the middle of a laundry mat, that quickly grasped my attention. Not only that, but 15 seconds into the video he had me hooked with his irresistible lyrics. Now the artist is gaining a lot of momentum from his viral videos hitting the net.

If you are looking for an artist with a new sound Qu'ality is definitely a vibe, the 28 year old has proven lyrically why he should be a new top contender.

Check out his video "In The Bank" below:

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