Renni Rucci Remixes Lil Baby's "Freestyle"

Renni Rucci Remixes Lil Baby's "Freestyle" and it sounds pretty damn hot. Hailing from South Carolina's, metro area the raptress has been gaining a lot of popularity not only on Instagram, but every social media platform just about. Her latest freestyle may have created the lead-way she needs to hit her next level. With Dj Small Eyes endorsing her and Quality Control peeking on her instagram page, Renni could be the next female artist to blow.

Starting off her freestyle you can hear the independence in her verses:

"Shoutout my girls in the met/

who tryna run up a check/

don't need a n*gga for sh*t/

especially not bout no rent/

if it don't make dollas it don't make no sense/

I like a n*gga with bricks/

cocky b*tch yeah i'm the sh*t/

I done got finer/

flossy b*tch in designer/

I got these haters upset"

Instagram Handle:

Stream Renni Rucci's Latest Video "Freestyle" now below:

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