Drake Drops 2 New Songs "God's Plan" & "Diplomatic Immunity"

Drake took a long hiatus after dropping his last project more life, but the Toronto native is back with two brand new tracks "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity." Just a few weeks ago prior to tonight's release a preview of his song "God's Plan" hit the net. Now the wait is finally over as he has decided to release some new material for the new year. He was recently featured on Lil Wayne's "Family Feud," which was suppose to appear on Wayne's "The Dedication 6," but ended up being released as a single a few days after the mixtape released.

Both songs have two uniquely different approaches while "Diplomatic Immunity" is a classic Drake sound it has a much more slower vibe to it, more focused on lyricism and painting pictures of his life as late. As for "God's Plan" it has more of a club vibe to it and can be played just about anywhere. "Diplomatic Immunity" was produced by none other than Boi-1da and Nick Brongers stream it first below.

Diplomatic Immunity Lyrics:

"Diplomatic immunity, fuck 'em All that peace and that unity All that weak shit will ruin me, fuck 'em Cause niggas talking at me like I'm slowing down Opinion over statistics, of course Gassed off journalistic Come at me and all you'll get is the ballistic report Booked a private room at Wiley's, wait and twist it in court I got multi-colored rings like the Olympics, of course At awards shows, cutting the tension, of course Girls be hugging me, asking what set that is, boy I'll be walking around the Six, like I invented it, boy Yeah, who am I to do or die, the one with the fewest lives And the truest ties, they try to compare us but Like a job straight out of high school There's no you and I"

God's Plan Lyrics:


I been moving calm, don't start no trouble with me Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me Don’t pull up at 6 AM to cuddle with me You know how I like it when you loving on me I don’t wanna die for them to miss me Guess I see the things that they wishing on me Hope I got some brothers that outlive me They gon' tell the story shit was different with me [Chorus] God's plan, God's plan I hold back, sometimes I won't (yeah) I feel good, sometimes I don't (ayy) I finessed down Weston Road (ayy) Might go down a G.O.D. (ohh, wait) I go hard on Southside G (ayy) I make sure that north-side eat And still...

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