Bug-Z Got A Soundcloud To Bump To & Drinks Sake

“Good Mood” is one of the tracks where Bug-Z shines brightest. Him and his production team have one thing figured out that’s hard to do, and that’s making minimalistic trap beats the right way. The keys on the beat for his verses on the track are something we would want to hear more of. His flow is tight and all of his songs could be bigger hits as long as he follows the formula and brings his own style to it. His song Murixmas is very different from his other material, but he finds his way around a beat with some more boom-bap to it and a classic hip-hop sample, which brings us to another point. We’d like hear more from Bug Z, period.

On Murixmas, he’s spitting about his younger days, revealing more about his persona. He’s balancing between his everyday life and the Hip Hop lifestyle, as he creates a mix of what is a nice track to listen to while you’re blunted around Christmas time. The biggest fault of the track is the length...as we could’ve hoped for a full-length song. On Calirado Dreams he tells us another story, which is all too true. We all need to chill out at one time or another, and legalizing it is the way to go. Pushing his idea’s is also smart for the young MC. Let’s all hope, for the sake of us, they become reality.

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