Making of a Monster 2 By CeeJai Giovanni Mixtape Review

Making of a Monster 2 is mostly a dark, lyrical mixtape with a few exceptions. A smart move by CeeJai Giovanni, who’s flossing his flow and his rhyming patterns all over the tracks with the energy to match diverse beats, a sign he’s only going to get better. He references street life and his demeanor is aggressive and you can feel he’s about that life, but it’s obvious he’s also venting out some demons.

One can only realize he’s an LGBT supporter by diving deep into his lyrics. That’s the only way a rapper can have a lasting career and avoid being a one hit wonder, by connecting with fans of all walks of life and as well supporting all communities out there. Some of the tracks that stand out for their consistency are Assertive, a fast beat smoked by CeeJai Giovanni’s live flow and Out of Lives, which is a slower paced track. Even though the latter is a light-hearted beat his rhyme pattern and gangsta lyrics deliver the whole package.

Check out the VA rapper here:

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