Lil' Jon Teams Up With Offset and 2 Chainz for "Alive"

Yup, you read that right - Lil' Jon is back and has recruited two of rap's biggest names for his latest song "Alive." Offset and 2 Chainz join the rapper on this high energy hip-hop track, produced by Party Favor, FKi 1st and Jon.

“Thank God that I'm alive/ I've been poppin’ all my life/ It’s like my birthday every night/ I’ve been poppin’ all my life,” Jon yells on the chorus, while Offset goes off about his riches on the second verse. "Ooh, thankin' the Lord I'm alive/ Your diamonds not lookin' alive/ Bentley truck swervin', it's wide/ Heard you be talkin' to 12, but I do not fuck with them guys." 2 Chainz chimes in on the track's closer, providing lyrics like "Stuntin’, I wore a mink to my graduation/ F-F-Fuck the world, I think it’s ovulatin’/ If you ain’t gettin’ money, what’s your occupation?"

A music video is definitely in the works, and just like the song, it will likely be fun and wild! In the meantime, you can listen to the song here:

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