aQthegod's "On 100" Review

On 100, aQthegod is all about keeping it real. The tight, energetic beat is the perfect place for him to spit those verses which didn’t fit on the down-tempo beats.

There aren’t really any filler lines in this tracks and this is where aQthegod delivers with most consistency. “Wait – I’mma put a milly on the bail, Just to get my niggaz out of jail” is a bar that sets the tone for the rest of the track – aQthegod knows it’s all about loyalty. His delivery is on point, but there are some highlights that can leave a listener asking for more. Some insightful bars about always looking for improvement and staying with the right crowd in one of his stand out bars “Time don’t mean shit these days, cuz old friends be the fakest/I met people this year who want more for me than the people I was raised with”. It’s easy to label yourself with a “ghetto” mentality, but that’s not a large playing field and being a loser is what it often means. aQthegod has picked some things up from that lifestyle but he doesn’t plan to getting a meal ticket off of that.