Busta Rhymes taps Missy Elliot & Kelly Rowland for "Get It"

When Busta and Missy make music together, it's like a match made in rap and hip-hop heaven! Over the years, they have graced us with some tongue-twisting beats and this latest one is no different. Kelly Rowland is added into the mix as well as producer Bangladesh, to bring us the uptempo "Get It". Peep Busta and Missy's verses along with Rowland's backing vocals heard throughout the entire song.

"Why y'all money always coming in slow? / Peep game, 'cause you never getting started though / This right here be the anthem for all of my women and every one of my gangsta, yo!"

"Hop to the hop drop like a drop top / Everybody looking when I step up in the spot / See the way I rock, I'm hot you not / Everybody wanna cop, man get off my jock / Everybody know Misdemeanor don't stop and my records don't flop"

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