Prayer, Loyalty & Palm Trees In "Difference" by AQ The G.O.D.

At Hip-Hop basement, we’re all about the hottest bars and flyest people. AQ The G.O.D. has definitely hit our standards of dope through his newly released video, “Difference”.

Sporting low-top classic vans and kicking’ through the sand show the rapper’s laid-back and introverted appeal. His grit and demeanor though, show that he’s clearly from New York.

The video in itself is an experience, he takes us from the vastness of what seems to be an open dirt field, then to a sunset setting behind the palm trees. With the dim lighting and night slowly creeping in throughout the video, shows the authenticity of the creatives in production. It almost feels as if you’re there with AQ and he’s directly speaking to you.

As far the lyrics and the bars, after seeing the video production and scrolling through his Soundcloud, we could tell he has fire tracks that he hasn’t released to the world. “Difference” was a tease and a snippet of what the rap artist is truly capable of. In a world of constant streaming, AQ beats his competitors to the punch with a captivating video that introduces us to his music and him as an artist.



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