Kendrick Lamar feat. Travis Scott - "Big Shot"

The buzz created around the movie Black Panther is electric, but the music is just as buzz-worthy. The soundtrack to the movie includes some of music's best rappers, and features a collaboration from Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott. "Big Shot", produced by Cardo, is a flute-infused track mixed with some bold lyrics from both artists.

"Serve that work for Kung-Fu Kenny / Got juice, got work, got weight, got plenty / Got them, got her, got more, got Benji (yeah) / Top off, gettin' topped-off in the city / Big Top Dawg and I dance on ’em like Diddy / Pop off and I pop back like Fiddy (yeah)."

Following Kendrick's rhymes, Travis comes in, where he gives a shout out to the late Pimp C.

"Purped up, syrup'd up, nigga, like Pimp C / Flight suit, ’bouta slide down Space City / Top down, she down under like Iggy (yeah, it's lit) / Lockjaw when the night-call too litty / Knockoff, get your rocks off, got plenty / Got rocks, got Js, got 'Ye, got liney (yeah)."

Listen to the track here:

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