Scion Rae Brings Some Tings' On "Sundaze" in Raesup EP

Scion Rae brings funkadelic and chill vibes to “Sundaze”. A different approach from the rest of his recently released “Raesup EP” and an incredible track to end off a well-curated project.

He kicks off the vibes with “See those flows i cover with needles/ and I’m on point like D. Rose/ in the game ready to play”, not even 8-bars in and he’s lyrically slaying the verse. If his lyricism was not impressive enough, the artist took an extra step in developing his rhyme patterns and switching his flows. He created vocal melodies on a new-age boom bap track.

His crisp voice and strong delivery paired with impeccable production makes this track fluid and full, easily flowing on the same playlists as J-Cole, Joey Bada$$, and Lupe. A multi-faceted Black artist with Spanish and Caribbean influences, the rapper brings some tings’ to the track. It is dope to see an East Coast rapper showcasing their ethnic cultures in the realm of Hip-Hop. The versatility of Scion’s artistry leaves listeners wondering about the mind of Rae. An extroverted introvert, not afraid to speak his mind yet his stories hold a dark and private atmosphere to them.

We had to run the track back a few times.

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Listen to "Sundaze" here:

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