"THE GO DOWN" [prod by: beatbustas] by JETBLACC LEEK

Jetblacc Leek brings New York rap back with “The Go Down”. Reminiscent of 90’s gritty New York, the rapper shows that he hasn’t lost touch for the ears of the streets. This that driving after 4am-blasting-through-the-window type music after the club. Jetblacc talks about the street life, experiencing luxury and violence interchangeably and threatening anyone his way who comes at him funny. The production on this short track is A1 and his delivery is crisp, raw and serious. You can tell Jetblacc had been putting pen down to paper for years and his music shows the burst of him holding onto his own talent for such a long time. Hustle Vision Music is doing an incredible job at bringing street music back, the type of music the people really f**k with.

Music: https://hustlevisionmusic.com/album/644120/the-go-down-prod-by-beatbustas

IG: @Hustlevision_music

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