Lou Phelps Links Up with Jazz Cartier on "Come Inside"

Canadian rappers Lou Phelps and Jazz Cartier come together on this jazzy new track, produced by none other than Lou's older brother Kaytranada. The producer is known for mixing sounds and for his upbeat tunes, making this song just as catchy, with a danceable, jazz-funk beat to it. Phelps delivers with his smooth rhymes, while Cartier's party lyrics will have you vibing to "Come Inside" in no time.

"Had my eyes on you for a minute / Didn’t take a chance at love, broken-hearted / Talk about love, baby, use your logic / Wanna say the truth, f**k it, go ‘head about it"

"I wonder if it's way too much / Tell me if am weighing you down / I'm here waiting around / I can always see your face in the crowd"

If you're new to Lou Phelps, you might want to check out his current project, 001: Experiments, which features guest spots from Bishop Nehru and CJ Flemmings.

Listen to "Come Inside" below:

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