Wale Shows His "Staying Power" in Hip Hop With New Single

Now free from Atlantic Records, Wale decides to drop his first single as an independent artist called "Staying Power." He uses the song to address his departure from Atlantic as well as the state of career at this point.

He goes straight for his former record label on the opening verse and shows off his staying power almost immediately. "Lately been feelin' like niggas doubt me/Trust me, they don't got no staying power/Left Atlantic, bout a minute later/Every record later try and scout me.

Wale uses the rest of the track to prove that he can out rap his opponents with his lyrical prowess. "Y'all get the hand-off and fumble it/Me, I get it and Alvin Kamara it/Simple city niggas wild with me, so you outta town niggas humble it."

With this new single, Wale shows that he is back on his grind and has staying power in the game for a long time to come.

Stream "Staying Power" below:

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