Ruthless, Zooted & Hungry: Trap Dollas Wants It All

“Already knew that I been killing shit just like a hit man with no f****** conscience” is the first line. The aggressive tone and composure in his tone assure that Trap Dollas is a lethal rapper who does not struggle to come up with bars. In his lyrics there are the expressions of the issues artists face on their way up. “Now everybody on my d**k they wanna be my homie, my f******sponsor.” He carries on. From the rap you can sense his steady flow that he don’t need no fake love around him now that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to show. This is clearly an artist that goes to the booth prepared and has the bars ready. The two minute and forty six seconds rap song is fire and deserves recognition. It’s all about the street life life and dollar signs. He brings the aspect out crystal clear with lines like “I never had a mother******g problem solved the f****** problems with another problems” he even describes his playa life saying he’s a ladies man who has a class to the women he associates with. From the raps and bars he throws you cannot want to cross roads with Trap Dollas. This is an artist that has been made by the streets. He talks it and lives it and is not afraid. A vicious rapper. You can sense his obstinate hunger in his sound and lyrics.

Instagram: @fyf_twisttrapdollas

Twitter: @twisttrapdollas

Facebook: FyF Twi$t Trap Dollas

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