Richard Pigkaso Is Abstract And Unfiltered On "Oh My God"

Pigkaso comes in straight bananas with “Oh My God”. The track has wild bass production, the type you would hear at a mansion rave. The rapper expresses his abstract and unfiltered mind through his rapid and clever lines. Screaming through the song, the song is pretty hot and unexpected from an underground rapper but in actuality the first song is better than anything I’ve heard on the radio all week. His bars also sound like he’s done some pretty wild things in life. Pigkaso goes on to talk about his fascination with drugs and strange women. This artist has finessed the art of rapping, partying all the while keeping his artistic integrity. Based off the first track, the first of the project has to be dope.

Instagram: @richieluvsyoyos

Soundcloud: RichieLuvsYoyos

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