Tone Stith - “Get It Right”

R&B rising star Tone Stith debuts the music video for his latest song “Get It Right”, the official single off his Can We Talk project. Stith picks up where he left off from his visual for “Date,” with his sexy co-star as they arrive at a warehouse loft. The crooner and his dance crew show off their killer dance moves in a parking lot and on a mountain overlooking the city of Los Angeles. The video then switches to the couple gazing into each other's eyes, while the singer serenades his leading lady.

“Girl it just doesn’t feel right when you’re not with me / And nothing out there can top what you

got with me / ‘Cause I done did wrong, I done messed up in the past / Let you walk up out my life before, but now I need you back .”

The singer-songwriter seems to be dropping hints about new music online and has been posting cover songs lately, including Kehlani’s “Honey,” which received positive feedback from fans as well as from the singer herself.

Check out the video for “Get It Right” below:

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