2018 Hip Hop Basement Style Issue

Since the 1970's Hip-Hop has rose to become the worlds most streamed music genre, making a huge impact on almost every part of pop culture. One area that Hip-Hop holds major influence within, is the fashion industry. As time passed many stars recognized the power they had of making consumers want to purchase an item just to feel "larger than life" like your favorite celebrity. Since designers and labels have utilized famous faces to sell some of their most recent and fashionable products. Now designers are influenced by Hip-Hop and its culture that continues to be deep-rooted in gold, diamonds, and the finest clothing.

In today's times its safe to say Rappers and Singers are the leading fashion influencers of this generation and many more to come. Music has the power to change trends, bring people together and relate people in ways they thought they wouldn't be alike. Through music and persona Hip-Hop has been able to influence generations worldwide with their flashy style and larger than life personalities. Hip-Hop plays a big role in today's fashion and will forever be a staple in fashion history. We salute the individuality and presence for each artist apart of this years issue. The future belongs to them. Thank you for being apart of magic, Flippa, Just Brittany, Roscoe Dash, Malachiae, Zeus Irons & Rockem X.

To Creative Director, Bernard Love, your tireless effort and dedication along with your ability to to make things work is supernatural. Thank you and KB Creative Group for your passion in the all things creative. Thank you to Imagine World Studios, the Official Studio of Hip Hop Basement (Atlanta) for being home.

Stamped by DJ you are beyond talented and have a wonderful aesthetic. To the photographers Dash McIntosh, James D. Love, LeDrico Isaac, these are the best photos in the entire Hip Hop Style Series. We would also like to thank all the stylist who lent their craft into making the Hip Hop Style Issue a successs, Bianca Jones Johnson, Rashaad Lewis, JonTheStylist, and Paris Chea. Thank you for keeping us entertained during the shoot Jash Jay!

Thank you to Iridium Atlanta and Urbaniwiki Clothing for providing is with some exclusive gear.

To all the crew, staff and everyone who had any involvement we thank you and are forever grateful.