#NickiDay Interview Analysis

BARBIE’S BACK! “[We] need rappers like [her]!” she exclaimed on “Chun-Li,” 1/2 of the initial double-single release for Nicki Minaj’s HIGHLY anticipated 4th studio album (from now on, referred to as NM4).

This was an exciting day for pop culture as #NickiDay was Thursday’s #1 trending topic on Twitter. She also sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats Radio for her first interview in months to debut the new singles. It had been at least 3 months since we heard new music, an interview, or even saw a post from the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap. Sightings during this time included her attendance at Bey and Jay’s Oscars after-party and her very own Mercedes commercial.

So why did the superstar take a break from the public for so long? Here are a few reasons I took from her interview.

1. Sis’s feelings were hurt. She was literally talking to Zane Lowe crying. The culprits? Cardi B. *DEEP SIGH* And Quavo. *ROLLS EYES* How? Because Cardi “never showed her genuine love.” She says so many female rappers like KashDoll, AsianDaDoll, Maliibu Miitch and others have shown her that genuine love. She says when Cardi didn’t dismiss rumors of their beef, she turned to Quavo to defend. He replied “I would back you up if you were my girl lol. If I do an interview, I would address it.” She says she felt “ambushed” after Motorsport. She feels like Cardi didn't show her the respect she deserves as a rap icon.

Now, let’s reiterate that last sentence. NICKI…doesn’t feel like CARDI…showed her the RESPECT….that NICKI THINKS….she DESERVES. Sound familiar? Karma? Nicki DOES have a habit of convenient (SOMETIMES hypocritical) whistle-blowing. What do I mean? Take this interview as Exhibit 1. She has dragged Lil Kim on wax (Roman’s Revenge) and Mariah Carey on LIVE TV (American Idol) and did songs with both of them prior to. A la the Zane Lowe interview, Nicki says “If a female of that stature had done a feature with me on it, I would only be…singing her praises.” GIRL stawp. Exhibit 2: Remember when “Anaconda” didn’t get nominated for a VMA in 2015? She tweeted: “If I was a different "kind" of artist, Anaconda would be nominated for best choreo and vid of the year as well.” During a Hot 97 interview, Nicki addressed sexism, but again, only as It relates to her queen status. “It’s almost like men feel like it takes something away from them to give a female props the way they would give say, a Kanye or Em… It’s not them, they give me my props, my core fans give me props… It’s y’all.” Somebody’s an entitled little Barbz….

2. “Rap bi–hes tell they team make ’em like Barbie

Had to come off IG so they can’t stalk me

All they do is copy looks, steal music too

Want to see what bi–hes do when they lose the blueprint”

She said y'all ain’t original enough! No NM4, behind-the-scenes previews for y’all! Since we have female rappers in the game that don’t pay Nicki homage (ironic LMAO) AND we didn’t take to her defense in the Motorsport scandal…so she said f*** us. Ok.

What do I think? This s*** is interesting. In one corner, you have the “Queen of Rap” Nicki Minaj crying because she was so gracious to Lil Ol’ Cardi, who repaid her in dust and didn’t stop the unsolicited “Nicki Hate Train”….and in the other corner, you have Chun-Li spouting:

"They need rappers like me! So they can get on their f**king keyboards! And make me the bad guy!”

So which one, Nicki? Victim of recent social media bullying narrative? Or bad-ass Tony-Montana-quoting ass-kicker inspired by the ONLY female in a pioneering gaming franchise? Y’all decide.

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