J. Cole Releases “KOD” and Drops ATM Video

On Monday, J.Cole shook things up on the internet when he returned with news of his new project. The rapper announced his fifth studio album entitled “KOD" (abbreviated for “Kidz On Drugz, KingOverdose and Kill Our Demonz.”) Fans ran rampant taking to the internet with speculations of what the album would be like. Without even dropping a single, Cole dropped off a new body of work in the midnight hour. This time, his album has a strong message for the kids and youth worldwide. From his cover art, to his lyrics, the rapper embodies everything today's generation is so desperately fighting against - drug addiction and depression. Written at the top of the cover art, it states "This album is in no way intended to glorify addiction." Laced with 12 tracks and 2 features from Cole’s alter ego “KiLL edward,” the album seems to be another classic cut for Cole. He digs deep into some of society's biggest problems and expresses how drugs have impacted him and the people around him. Cole raps about his growth and encourages younger rappers in the game to look at the impact they have on the youth. When giving the album its first listen, it gets off to a slow start but takes a turn around tracks 5 and 6. As you make your way through the album, you will find that it is a cohesive body of work, as Cole puts together a beautiful storyline for listeners. He closes the album out with track "1985" which is the year he was born, but the track will also reportedly serve as the intro to Cole's next untitled project. So many unique things about this album have arose, but what garners even more attention is the fact that the album was rumored to be made in two weeks time. That's more than impressive considering how good the body of work came out.

Stream KOD here:

Also Stream Cole's Latest Video "ATM":

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