The Queen Bey Slays the Coachella stage in style

The Queen Bey put on a performance more than two hours on the coachella main stage. The queen’s breathtaking performance consisted of about two hundred singers and dancers, a drumline, Jay-Z, Solange, and a reunion with Destiny’s Child that marked the groups 20th anniversary. The icing on the cake to the performance deemed by Beyhive as “Beychella”, was the five outfits that incorporated the touch of the famous Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing and the queen’s personal stylist, Marni Senafonte.

According to Vogue magazine, Senofonte approached Olivier Rousteing after his Fall 2018 runway show for Balmain and explained to him that she was in search of the right designer to create custom looks for Bey’s upcoming Coachella performances. Rousting accepted the offer and began to work alongside Senofonte and others on Bey’s fashion team to create custom Balmain stage attire. Rousteing did not just hook Bey up with the lovely custom fits, he also designed a wardrobe for all the dancers as well as Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

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Rousting creations consisted of:

  1. The Egyptian-inspired gold and black cape with elaborate embroidery that was well complimented by the black jacket and bodysuit

  2. A embellished yellow hoodie the referenced a college feel, with Greek letters Beta Delta Kappa written on the front (Is she hinting at her own sorority?!)

  3. A glittering camouflage bodysuit/ mini dress (complimented by Kelly and Michelle’s camouflage two pieces)

  4. A latex-like bodysuit and jacket that shimmered and sparkled as she she pranced across the stage in the Balmain custom Knee-High leather boots with the four inch heel

  5. A mesh-like mini dress with an embroidered 2018 Beyoncé crest that includes a bee, a raised fist, a panther, and an Egyptian goddess.

“By the end it felt like Marni and I were in a relationship,” Rousting told Vogue jokingly. “We went to bed texting and emailing one another and woke up doing the same.”

It is obvious that Rousteing put his best foot forward to produce an amazing product for Bey as he traveled to Los Angeles for rehearsals just to ensure the looks were compatible with the choreography and were time efficient for the outfit changes. “I doubt that I will ever forget the joy of working with her and her team or the awe I felt watching Beyoncé masterfully direct her onstage troops or the beauty of listening to that extraordinary voice as she rehearsed,” Rousteing said in a press release.

Beyoncé black-culture themes resonated throughout the performance from the start (considering the she opened with a rendition of the well known black civil rights anthem “Lift Every Voice And Sing”) to finish.

If you were impressed by Rousting’s design this go around, stick around to see what he and Bey’s fashion team has instore for the queen’s Weekend Two performance at Coachella on April 21.

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