Eric Bellinger Appreciation Day

As a lover of the R&B world and all that it brings, it saddens me and other R&B lovers alike, to know that the genre isn't what it once was. Singers started rapping more and it seems like every other artist was falling into the " trap R&B" category. Now and days, they're just talking over smooth beats and the songs are barely about "love" anymore. Alas, they're a select few who stays to the craft, and creates those same vibes we all once loved.

Eric Bellinger is a notable artist that comes to mind when you think of classic R&B cuts with a modern feel. An individual who once turned down a scholarship to pursue his real passion of music. To no surprise, he clearly did the right thing. Though not known to the mainstream listeners, he continues to be a secret treasure to those of the R&B world since 2015. To be quite honest, I never thought of listening to an Eric Bellinger project because I always jammed the covers he did of other people's songs. That was until I decided to give a listen. Obviously, I was impressed. Eric has written for some of our favorites such as Tank, Usher, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz. He's a versatile artist. It doesn't matter if you're looking to party, smoke, or simply vibe with your bae, Eric Bellinger has you covered.

Believe it or not, Eric B is as talented (if not more) and vocally inclined as any other popular R&B artist. In 2018, that's something that we've been missing. One night stand music can only go so far. However, it's a good feeling to know that having a history of not being on the big boy charts, motivates artists like Eric to go even harder.

Eric Bellinger made a bold claim about his latest release Eazy Call, the "Greatest Hits". Some may look at him and thinks he's crazy but, Eric isn't lying. Doesn't matter if they're not counted on the Billboards or breaking records like Cardi B, he's a veteran in the game and he doesn't lack the skill to take over.

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