Toronto's Upcoming Talent GNA

Toronto's upcoming talent GNA is stirring things up in the music industry with her sensational writing skills and good music. From working alongside artists like Tory Lanez and Memphis Bleek, GNA is kick-starting her place amongst some of the best. Beginning her career in theatre, commercials and independent films, the young singer landed a star role in The Lion King A Musical Broadway. When I asked her about the experience she said "I think my experience in Broadway opened my eyes up to actually understanding this is something I love doing (performing on stage) I could take my talent to a much larger scale." Modeling and acting have also played a role in GNA's career and i'm sure many want to know what did music provide for her that the other two lanes didn't. GNA explained how making music allows her to vibe and speak about personal things in her life. "It allows me to be my true authentic self, where as acting you have to hop into a role. I like being open about the things going on in my life - it helps me to create some of my best music."

In 2013, the singer linked up with one of Toronto's finest producers T-Nyce, after meeting him through a friend she was currently in a group with at the time. From there, the two developed a musical relationship and from that they've been able to come up with a sound that fits everything GNA is today. Here's what she had to say about meeting T-Nyce for the first time:

"So I actually met T-Nyce after coming out of a 1-year program for (music) and at the time, I was in a group with other artists. I ended up meeting T-Nyce through one of the girls I worked with in the group. Eventually, the group decided to go their own ways but me and T-Nyce continued to work. We just really vibed and he made dope music for me to add my own flavor to."

T-Nyce has worked with artists like Tory Lanez, YG and Kid Ink to name a few. When I asked GNA if she was face to face with the artist she'd been featured with, she did explain that the only one she's made it in the studio with face to face is Memphis Bleek.

All of her other features were digitally passed along through emails as sampled recordings. 

As GNA continued climbing the ladder to her musical sucess, she landed her first live show as a Co-Headliner with Roc Nation's Justine Skye at the SOB venue in New York.  

Me: "What was your experience like performing as a Co-headliner on you first actual appearance?" 

GNA: "It was amazing the vibe was crazy, I already had previous experience with broadway so the stage wasn't anything new to me, but just being a headliner on my first performance is dope. The crowd was a little smaller than the broadway show but still an exciting experience."

As I continued to talk with GNA, I was able to find out what made her write such personal music, like one of her latest singles "No Hook" which touched on sensitive topics like her struggles, not being easy to be pretty and not being provocative to gain the success she has currently amounted to.

GNA: "Being in New York all those years it was just me, I had no family, making it through barely having anything or being financially set. It was a tough time and a big eye opening experience. As a female, it can be pretty tough and you can have a lot of problems. One is people trying to get with you, or take advantage when you're pretty. I remember having people telling me let’s have a meeting and when I get there, it’s a hotel room and they're trying to do more than work so it’s challenging."

Me: "As you gear up for the release of your EP, what can we expect from you moving forward? What's next for you in terms of music? Any collaborations or performances?"

GNA: "Just be on the lookout for my EP - it's going to be full of bangers for the summer! I’m really just coming with a summer vibe that I hope everyone can enjoy and support, plus I have a big feature that I’m not going to announce yet on there that I’m excited about." 

When asked about artists she'd like to work with in the future her response was: 

GNA: "Missy Elliot and Kendrick Lamar are two of my biggest influences, I have a lot more, but for now I think these two influence me the most. I’d love to work with Missy on like a six song EP or project. That’d be dope!"

Being an R&B singer in today's time can be hard especially when critics believe that R&B is a dying genre and hasn't been much about love lately. When asked about her take on R&B and its state in music, this is what GNA had to say:

"I agree in terms that songs nowadays are so anti-love, commitment, and anti-relationships. Just so much different on the urban side of music than it used to be. When you talk about R&B Records, I just want to be a female that empowers other women and makes music that people can love and enjoy but also feel empowered by. It can be about love, relationships or the struggle."   

Me: What is one thing you want fans to know about GNA the most?

GNA: "I’m crazy, sexy and cool all in one. I got a dope vibe and my music is actually me so you guys just stay tuned for my latest records coming soon. Check me out on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube."

Well GNA on the behalf of our team here at Hip-Hop Basement we would like to say thank you for talking with us today and congratulations on everything you are about to embark on.

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