Toronto's Upcoming Talent GNA

Toronto's upcoming talent GNA is stirring things up in the music industry with her sensational writing skills and good music. From working alongside artists like Tory Lanez and Memphis Bleek, GNA is kick-starting her place amongst some of the best. Beginning her career in theatre, commercials and independent films, the young singer landed a star role in The Lion King A Musical Broadway. When I asked her about the experience she said "I think my experience in Broadway opened my eyes up to actually understanding this is something I love doing (performing on stage) I could take my talent to a much larger scale." Modeling and acting have also played a role in GNA's career and i'm sure many want to know what did music provide for her that the other two lanes didn't. GNA explained how making music allows her to vibe and speak about personal things in her life. "It allows me to be my true authentic self, where as acting you have to hop into a role. I like being open about the things going on in my life - it helps me to create some of my best music."