Heating it up with Chika

Rising to the scene from her freestyle to Beyoncé's "Ego" in early 2017, Chika started a challenge with the intent to help people and remind them to continue to love themselves, flaws and all. Quickly growing in fame, Chika’s whose real name is Jane Oranika, began to gain recognition from big time actors and rappers all over social media.

Chika is known for her Freestyles on Instagram that are made of swift and witty bars. Recently Going viral again for responding to J.Coles "1985.” Chicka's response to Cole's song garnered 1.2 million views in just about 24 hours. In an rcecent interview Chika says "‘1985’ re-inspired a little bit of hope into me. Somebody still gives a fuck about it … somebody still cares about the impact of what they’re saying to the culture. It was something that made me extremely excited, and I had to respond to it”. By posting her rebuttal on twitter she gained a new follower in Mr. J.Cole himself.

While the Open letter to Kanye West came from a place of tough love. “It don't matter how much money you got or you lack, when that check clear don’t forget your children are still black, and your music has been whack, and your views are moving back, to a day that trigger niggas because we still hear that whip crack," are just some of the hard hitting bars. Rappers, Singers, And Actor all have come out to tell Oranika just how dope she is.

From being praised by people from all walks of entertainment to being posted on the Shaderoom and receiving a ton of exposure, Jane Oranika aka Chika is on her way to becoming something the culture of Hip-Hop desperately needs.

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