Take a listen to TriPolar by Ann Marie

On April 13, 2018 Chicago artist Ann Marie released her sophomore album entitled "TriPolar". After just 24 hours "TriPolar" was number 6 on the ITunes R&B charts, putting Ann right above Sza at number 7 for Ctrl. An album filled with sensuality and passion, features singers like Vedo and Sonta, which helped to spice things up on the tracks "Loyalty" and "One mo Time".

"Loyalty" is a song filed with lyrics all about loyalty and faithfulness, with sounds pouring of affection.

"If I got you, you got me

It don't matter what they say

They just wish that they could be the one that's chilling at your place

It ain't perfect but it’s worth it every second of the day fuck this drama count these commas and get high as outer space"

While "One mo Time" is a song filled with lyrics all about the reminiscing of past love, with sounds exuding nostalgic feels.

"Just one more time

One more time

Can I fuck?

And make you lose your mind

Lay you down

Make you remember

All the times

I drove you crazy

Boy you know that you can't lie"

With other hits such as "Ecstasy" and "Handle it", it's safe to say the "TriPolar" album is filled with bop after bop.

Listen to "TriPolar" below

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