Future And PARTYNEXTDOOR Link Up For “No Shame”

Rappers Future and PARTYNEXTDOOR just dropped the very first single off the soundtrack for the highly anticipated reboot of the upcoming film Superfly. “No Shame”, produced by Andrew Wotman and Happy Perez, is somewhat of a moody song with lyrics that describe the lifestyle both of these artists lead.

I found Xanax and it's makin' me fall in love (love) / I found codeine and it's flowin' through my blood / Ain't no shame, there ain't no shame (ain't no shame) / Ain't no shame, there ain't no shame (ain't no)

There's no shame in my game / There's no shame in my pain / I found new propane / I found new cocaine (I found)

Not only is the Atlanta hitmaker featured on the blaxploitation film's soundtrack, he's also the executive producer. Superfly, directed by Toronto native Director X, stars Grown-ish actor and singer Trevor Jackson, who recently talked about the movie and his role as Youngblood Priest. “It’s basically about this guy who is really, really young but he also has a very, very top position in the drug game,” he says. “He wants to leave, but because he has his hand in so many pots, and so many people depend on him for bread, it’s kind of difficult.” A character that's quite different from the one he plays on Grown-ish - college sophomore (and irresistible heartthrob) Aaron Jackson. The 21-year-old also revealed that he performed all of his own stunts for the action-packed film.

Superfly hits theaters on June 15.

Listen to “No Shame” below:

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