Wale Releases Surprise ‘Self Promotion’ EP

As surprise releases become the new wave of how artists like to release their music in today’s climate, one artist that no one was expecting to hear from was Maybach Music Group rapper, Wale. With no warning and slim speculation, WWE’s Monday Night Raw assisted in sharing the news that Wale released a 4-song EP entitled “Self Promotion.”

As a follow up from his previous EP, “Its Complicated” which dropped in March, the “Self Promotion” EP is far from a disappointment. Wale continues to show off his lyrical ability. With its opening track “Negotiations”, it seems that he wants to make it understood, skillfully, he is top tier of today’s rappers (which I would agree.)

“Don’t ever confuse being great with being famous,” Wale expresses in the EP’s first song. The line stands out to emphasize his beliefs of him being a greater artist than some of the more popular rappers of today; despite whatever reasons, can be up for debate -noting his recent Twitter backlash for alluding that his skin-color played a part in his rap stardom.

Following up from ‘Negotiations’, Wale continues his unapologetic pro-black raps on a Colin Kaepernick inspired track entitled ‘Salary Kaep’ and the EP’s outro Cassius, which was inspired from Cassius Clay better known as, Muhammad Ali.

But if you happen to be a bigger fan of the ‘PYT’, “Lotus Flower Bomb” raps from Wale, the Body Body Body freestyle is what you’ll gravitate towards. From a sing-song catchy hook, to feel-good flows, this song is perfect for the summer that’s approaching us.

With 2 recent EP releases, a couple solo tracks like ‘All Star Break Up’, Wale is clearly enjoying his freedom as an independent artist, after his departure from Atlantic Records back in February. He seems to look to stay relevant by controlling his creativity and putting out quality music that’ll please his fan base but also attract new fans as well.

Self Promotion is available on all music streaming services. Go check it out and tell us what you think!


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