Rapper K2 Cocky Drops "Spice Cadet" & It's Mostly Trap

March 2018 marked the release of K2 Cocky’s latest project, “Space Cadet”, a compilation of tracks all featuring the artist’s tracks, which seem to center around the album’s underlying theme of drug use and “trap culture”, as represented most clearly in the intro, “Lift Off”, an audio clip cut from a news segment on synthetic drugs resulting in teens required medical aid. Listening to the album reminds of me of other artists like Future and Kodak Black, with its hard-hitting, bass-boosted trap tracks, like “Astronomic” and “How 2 Get Lit”.

However, the album offers slower tracks like “Loose”, “Rollercoaster” and “Lagging Computer Blues”, with the same level of lyrical talent that K2 carries throughout the entire album. “Spice Cadet” proves to be a unique experience that highlights that beauty of the Soundcloud media platform; the ability of artists of all backgrounds to upload creations for their select fanbase to enjoy, without being held back by the puppet strings of a label. “Space Cadet” truly is a must-have on your playlist if you appreciate the unique styles that Soundcloud has to offer.

Instagram: @cockydaphotomc

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