Get Excited for June 2018

We are nearly through the month of May, and while we were blessed with some great albums and songs throughout the month and pretty much the entirety of 2018 so far, we are upcoming on June which is set to be an incredible month for hip-hop music.

Despite the headlines Kanye West made within the last couple of months surrounding his controversial comments about United States President Donald Trump, fans are still patiently awaiting the new Yeezy material. There has been some speculation about what’s next for Kanye, but there are a few things we know for sure. In June, we can expect 4 projects from Kanye:

June 1: Untitled album, recorded in the mountains of Wyoming, rumoured to feature Migos, Kid Cudi, Plain Pat and some even assume fellow Kardashian-Jenner clan member Travis Scott will be collaborating with Ye on the album.

June 8: Kanye and Kid Cudi’s album, Kids See Ghost. Both artists have loyal fan bases, justifiably, and I think everyone is very curious and excited to see what these guys have conjured up together.

June 15: Untitled album by Nas, revealed by Kanye via Twitter (much like everything else on this list…). Ye said that he “feels like he’s 18 years old again when he makes beats for Nas”. While unlike Kids See Ghost, this album isn’t expected to be a collaboration album, Kanye is just producing for Nas but given that Nas is a classic, OG rapper, the hype surrounding this release is very real especially considering Nas’ last album release was in July 2012.

June 22: Untitled album by Teyana Taylor by Kanye’s record label G.O.O.D Music. After a long career in the industry, and after floating around with different labels, Teyana has settled with Kanye’s label, and based on her success so far, we’re sure she’ll be staying put at G.O.O.D.

Drake has been teasing fans with his new album Scorpion, set to release sometime in June, for months now. 2 months ago, before a Toronto Raptors vs. Houston Rockets game, Drake announced that Scorpion is an album “for the city of Toronto” because he “loves every one of us”. Some critics are slightly confused by the name of the album though, compared to titles like Views and More Life, Scorpion seems to differentiate itself, which has some people speculating that this album might be a little different than the Drizzy we are all used to.

Another major player is set to release an album in June, and fans of hers are seriously hyped for the release. Nicki Minaj’s Queen is to be released on June 15. After the wild success of the first 2 singles “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li”, we are patiently awaiting new material from the Queen of Rap. (P.S if you can’t wait until June to get your Nicki fix, peep her features on Ball for Me by Post Malone and Poke It Out by Playboi Carti).

Lastly, there was no way I could write about upcoming releases and not mention Meek Mill. After an 8-month stint in a Pennsylvania correctional institution after controversially being sentenced to 2-4 years from breaking probation, the rapper has been non-stop campaigning since. Meek has continued to share his passion for justice reforms, and had made it very clear that “he has a job to do”. While doing an interview on the Angie Martinez show, Meek revealed that he wasn’t totally sure when new music will be coming because during his incarceration his musical engineer had found other employment due to Meek’s obvious absence. But like always, Meek remained positive and joked that he has hundreds of unreleased tracks stored up just needing finishing touches. I know I’m itching to hear new material, as I’m sure his followers are too.

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