TYE Harris is Dallas Hip Hop

Actually, he's more than that. He's the true definition of consistency and hard work. He's the epitome of versatility when it comes to artists in a cutthroat genre. 2017 may have been great year for the DFW artist however, he's already shown us why 2018 will be even greater.

Taking it back to the humble beginnings in 2015, Tye Harris was just another stamp on the Dallas music scene. Though many music listeners like myself knew of his talents and worthy, he wasn't at the tip of the iceberg for most. Some called him weird simply because they never bothered to understand him or his creativity. Little did they know, he was in the midst of transforming into something greater.

Fast forward to now, Tye Harris is in complete control of his own fate in the music industry( as he always been). From songwriting, to producing, to teaming up with one of the best videographers in the DFW in Dance Dailey, he has done everything right as far as merging the aspects quality and quantity together: Giving us consistent music without the lackadaisical effort.

What boosts him above any other Hip Hop artist, is his honesty. He isn't afraid to be open to his audience. Tye Harris has spoken about his battle with mental health. Tye Harris was brave enough to open up and encourage others about something that has been taboo in not only in the Hip Hop community but the black community in general. Expressing himself through his music and using his platform for the greater all while staying strong through it all.

Alas, the icing on the cake is staying true while successfully expanding to listeners who aren't local. This is something that many artists struggle with. Their music is great but, the audience isn't there. Tye Harris created his own sound and look, and never looked back. The only way is up for him. Although 2017 was on of the best years that he's had, 2018 will be even better for Tye Harris.

Check out his new visual to Woodtown

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