Drake - "Duppy Freestyle"

It looks like Drake's got the internet buzzing with his latest diss track "Duppy Freestyle", where

he takes aim at Pusha-T and Kanye West. After the G.O.O.D. Music rapper took shots at Drake on his song "Infrared", Drizzy decided to take action and do what he does best - clap back with a song of his own in less than 24 hours, addressing, once again, those same ol' ghostwriting rumours.

I’m in shock, the nerve, the audacity, okay / So if you rebuke me for working with someone else on a couple of Vs / What do you really think of the ni**a that's making your beats? / I've done things for him I thought that he never would need / Father had to stretch his hands out and get it from me

Drake talks about Pusha's drug game and even takes a jab at his career:

Your brother said, it was your cousin then him, then you / So, you don't rap what you did, you just rap what you knew / Don't be ashamed, it's plenty ni**as that do what you do / There's no malice in your heart, you're an approachable dude / Man, you might've sold to college kids for Nike Mercedes / But you act like you sold drugs for Escobar in the '80s / I had a microphone of yours, but then the signature faded / I think that pretty much resembles what's been happening lately

Well played Drake!

Listen to "Duppy Freestyle" here:

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