Pusha-T vs Drake: Rap's Latest Feud

What do you get when you combine diss tracks with an ongoing feud and two of music's biggest stars? You get the latest rap beef involving Pusha-T and Drake that's gotten the internet buzzing about them for the past two weeks!

With Drake preparing for his Scorpion album, set to drop in June, and Pusha having just released his latest project, the Kanye West-produced Daytona, this summer is sure to be a wild one - much like this battle. However the two have been feuding for years - dating back to the 00's, when Pusha's rap group Clipse fired shots at Drake's mentor Lil' Wayne, for wearing their preferred streetwear brand BAPE, on the cover of VIBE magazine. To say the least, Clipse wasn't too pleased, and threw jabs at Weezy on “Mr. Me Too.”

Wanna know the time? Better clock us / Ni***s bite the style from the shoes to the watches

In 2011, Pusha-T released "Don't F**k With Me," a song sparking speculation that he's going after Drake.

Rappers on their sophomores, actin' like they boss lords / Fame such a funny thing for sure/ When ni***s start believing all them encores

(Drake released his sophomore album Take Care that year)

In 2012, the Virginia rapper came back with "Exodus 23:1", targeting Lil' Wayne yet again but this time, added Young Money signee Drake into the mix.

Contract all fu**ed up / I guess that means you all fu**ed up / You signed to one n***a that signed to another n***a / That's signed to three ni***s, now that's bad luck

After that, Wayne turned to Twitter and made it clear that he was no fan of Pusha.

In 2013, Drake went after Pusha in "Tuscan Leather," where he sends a message to him after talking bad about his YMCMB boss.

I'm just as famous as my mentor / But that's still the boss, don't get sent for / Get hype on tracks and jump in front of a bullet you wasn't meant for

It looks like the battle isn't over yet as things got heated after Pusha's "Infrared" track, where he questions Drake's lyrical abilities, claiming he uses a ghostwriter. Drake then fired back with “Duppy Freestyle,” stating that Pusha was using this beef to boost his album sales. Tell ’Ye we got a invoice comin’ to you / Considerin’ that we just sold another 20 for you

After not hearing from Pusha-T for days, he finally responded with "The Story of Adidon" - and put Drizzy on blast! From his multi-ethnicity, to accusing him of being the “deadbeat” father of a child with an adult film star, this track just took things to a whole new, uglier level! The worst part is the cover art he chose - a picture of Drake in blackface, in which the Toronto rapper says was taken in 2007 when he was working on a project that highlighted the struggles of black actors. He says he did it "to make a point that the struggle for black actors had not changed much." As for the baby, Drake has yet to address the issue, but sources say he is willing to take a paternity test.

Drake 1 - Pusha-T 1

Drake's statement regarding blackface photo via his Instagram story:

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