Trevor Jackson Bares It All In “Right Now” Music Video

Whoa! Talk about Trevor Jackson like we've never seen him before. The singer/actor isn't afraid to show us what he's got in the latest visual for his song “Right Now.” The Adam and Eve themed video, directed by Jackson, shows the 21-year-old from the torso up as he sings those steamy lyrics and gets intimate with his nude co-star.

Close your eyes / The ice on your back got you so froze / Yeah baby, yeah baby / Now grab the sheets, yeah / Cuz girl I promise you gone need something to hold on to (on to, on to) /

Let the foreplay begin / Bet you never had this before / And once I go in / I'm gon' have you screaming for more

The couple is then seen walking through what appears to be the Garden of Eden - where the forbidden fruit falls from the tree.

The slow-jam is featured on the singer's Rough Drafts, Pt. 1 album, which was released back in March.

Jackson, who currently co-stars in the critically acclaimed Grown-ish, is starring in the upcoming Superfly reboot, in which he plays the role of Youngblood Priest, a suave New York City drug dealer. The movie hits theaters June 13.

Watch the video for “Right Now” below:

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