Watch Kayla Brianna’s “Lit” Offical Video

Kayla Brianna, ushers in the sunny season as she grabs her girls and heads out for a night on the town, in her newly released music video and single “Lit”. Lit is produced by The Insomniaks. During the 2018 BET Awards Weekend, “Lit” premiered live on BET during the BETX LIVE show hosted by, Trevor Jackson (Grown-ish) and Ryan Destiny (Fox’s Star). Filmed in Los Angeles, the sexy clip peeps Kayla Brianna and her girlfriends cruising around town in a white-hot Ferrari, chanting we “Lit Lit Lit!” The “girls just wanna have fun” themed song/video progresses girl-power by using the pop-culture term Lit, to showcase young women banning together and having a liberating night out singing, “Yeah my chi