New Artist Discovery The R&B Playlist 15 Artist You Should Know

I have a new playlist section I'm starting for Hip-Hop Basement and Apple Music, so if you are a music artist now would be a great time to submit your music for review. Let me welcome you all to the "New Artist Discovery" Playlist's, where I will be featuring all fresh and upcoming talent in the genres of Hip-Hop and R&B. It's our first one so I'm excited for you guys to listen to it but first, let's get to know the 15 artists featured.

Track one is titled "Cruise" by rising artist Dashean Porter, the 24-year old crooner from Charleston SC, can be heard serenading the woman of his choice for a night out on cruise control. You can keep up with this artist on Social Media @DesheanPorter.

Track two titled "F.I.Y.T" abbreviated for "F*ck Is You Thinking" features new Atlantic Records signee Ayanis. On "F.I.Y.T", Ayanis is over the multiple lies and dawgish ways of her ex. You can hear the songwriter expressing her feelings about giving him her all, just to be lied to. You can keep up with this artist on Social Media @ayanis.

Track three is titled "2:30" by artist on the rise Rayana Jay. You can hear Rayana sing about her ex who likes to hit her up when the moon goes up and sun goes down. The singer explains "I can't sleep, I won't sleep this the only time you ever want me 2:30." You can keep up with this artist on Social Media @RayanaJay.

Track four is titled "So I" by Detroit bred artist Zeus Irons and features female raptress Kash Doll. Zeus can be heard crooning over a sample of TLC's creep, the perfect vibe for a new day remix of the classic song. Add "So I" to your summer playlist - it's a banger! Keep up with this artist on Social Media @ZeusIrons.

Track five is titled "Liquid Courage" and you can hear artist Ryan Lotus letting his drinks get a hold of him and take full control. "This liquid courage got me doing things I never do", the track is a perfect cut for a late night vibe. Keep up with this artist on Social Media @LoutusFantasy.

Track six is titled "Confused" by LA-based singer/songwriter Kayla Brianna and on this track she can't decide whether she wants to stay or leave in her current relationship. "Baby tell me what I'm supposed to do now, really ain't no getting over you now, got me out here looking like a fool now, how am I suppose to trust you now?" Keep up with Kayla on social media @KaylaBrianna.

Track seven is titled “FaLL BacK” and the song is by Connecticut bred artist PxRRY. In this song, the crooner is singing about his love interest and how he misses her, but they aren’t quite on the same page so he may have to fall back. Keep up with PxRRY on Social Media @OfficiallyPxrry

Track eight is titled “Impressed” by singer/songwriter Rayana Jay. The song has a pretty inviting beat from the very start as Rayana comes on with soft sweet tones and uses beautiful melodies to compliment the guitar heard in the beat. Keep up with Rayana on Social Media @RayanaJay

Track nine is titled “Monday Morning” by soulful singer Beano French and is the perfect vibe for any summer afternoon. This song takes me to a vision of sitting pool side with a spiked lemonade, while having thoughts about your one and only love. Keep up with Beano on Social Media @BeanoFrench

Track ten is titled “Grippin” by rising artist Mike Sims. The track is filled with smooth vocals and a catchy intimate chorus. This song would be best used for your late night fun (Ahem...). Anyway, it’s a perfect cut for any romantic night. Keep Up with Mike @TheMikeSimsShow

Track eleven is titled “Anything” by up and coming talent Adonai. From the start, yo