DJ Mustard Brings Travis Scott & YG Together For "Dangerous World"

Rappers YG and Travis Scott released some new music this past Friday, and now DJ Mustard has linked up with the two to bring us "Dangerous World." The title of the song is named after both artists' projects - YG's Stay Dangerous and Scott's ASTROWORLD. Mustard's latest bass-heavy banger mashes up YG's West Coast flow with Travis' trippy sound, as heard on the chorus.

Krispy Kreme whip and the wheels glazed, yeah / When you move at night, you don't feel shade (yah) / Runnin' through the field, it's a field day / Yeah, let her bang the set at the hood date / She gon' bust down if the beat good (yah) / She gon' roll up, bring the Backwoods (it's lit)

DJ Mustard produced nearly half of the tracks on YG's latest album, however they have worked together in the past - the producer teamed up with the rapper back in 2014 for his debut album My Krazy Life.

Listen to "Dangerous World" here:

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