Jazz Man Is A Genius Rap Track Off JSBxGHOUL‘s EP

“Jazz Man” is a vivid contrast to the heavy trap that populates the charts of today’s rap mainstream, but at the same time is exactly what older hip-hop rap fans have been begging for years now. Off the EP “Before I Get Busy”, “Jazz Man” is a genius rap track that combines a smooth funky flowing beat with enlightened lyrics that no rap fan can deny. The message the song carries is one truly positive and inspiring, with undertones of the usual rapper’s perspective, that creates a fair balance of both worlds that is reflected in the superb lyricism. Coupled with the superb production work of Jordeaux, JSBxGHOUL’s masterpiece is truly deserving of more praise, but I believe it’s only a matter of time before tracks like “Jazz Man” and others on JSBxGHOUL ‘s EP claim the spotlight of the rap scene.

Listen to "Jazz Man" from JSBxGHOUL's EP : Before I Get Busy

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