Gucci Mane Joins T-Pain on “Might Be”

Singer-songwriter T-Pain joins forces with Gucci Mane for his latest single “Might Be.” The trap beat has the King of Auto-Tune rapping that he might just be the man his future wifey is looking for.

I promise you ain't met a real one like me / Girl, I think I might let you be my wifey / Put some diamonds on your neck, girl have you icy / Or I might just spend a check, I'm still deciding / Bitch, I might be

Gucci steps in and adds some of his East Atlanta fair on the song's second verse.

I done got rich, but I'm trying to be wealthy / Wrist so healthy, watch so chunky / I'm getting cocky, bright wrist yachty / Niggas be blocking, never really like me / Heard he want to fight me, I'm not Rocky

The track drops just in time as T-Pain gears up for his upcoming TV series 'T-Pain’s School of Business', airing October 16 at 11pm on Fuse. The entrepreneur reality show will focus on some of the country's most innovative and unique startups.

Listen to “Might Be” here:

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