Artist on the Rise: JNYR

Michael Francis, better known as 'JNYR', is the latest act to emerge from Toronto's burgeoning R&B scene. Born and raised in Toronto's east-end (Scarborough to be exact), the singer/songwriter began writing music at the age of 12, and has been inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Montell Jordan, and Usher. His passion for songwriting and creating music led him into the music industry, while showing off his musical skills through memorable melodies with a modern R&B sound.

He released his debut single "Twenty Ten" last year, and since then has followed up with “No Matter Where” and “Great Sensation”, a reggae-influenced track showcasing his Jamaican-Caribbean roots and his smooth vocals.

Wine up your body for me now / I just wanna take you all around the world / Let your guard down and then I'll show you how / You ain’t gotta ever worry bout a thing with me, right now

Baby when you push up on me / You give me the great sensation / I don’t wanna hurt nobody / Girl there ain’t no competition

Just this past week, JNYR released his debut 8-track EP Transition, and is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Connect with JNYR here:

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Listen to “Great Sensation” and " No Matter Where" below:

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